Saturday, December 31, 2005

2005 Movies

Some of the movies I saw in 2005 and loved!

House of D!
The Forty Year Old Virgin
The Skeleton Key
Donnie Darko
War of the Worlds
Brooklyn Bound
I Accuse
Layer Cake
A lot like love
Sin City
The Wedding Date
Because of Winn Dixie
Guess Who

2005 Books

This is a list of the books I read in 2005! I hope to double this for 2006!

The Taking, Dean Koontz
Tori Amos Piece by Piece, Ann Powers
The Closers, Michael Connelly
My Sister's Keeper, Jodi Picoult
Velocity, Dean Koontz
the currious incident of the dog in the night-time, Mark Haddon
I Loved You All, Paula Sharp
The Boy from the Basement, Susan Shaw
The Crush, Sandra Brown
Kite Runner, Khaled Hosseini
The Time Traveler's Wife, Audrey Niffengger
The Program, Stephen Brown

Friday, December 30, 2005

Our plans

Our plan for tomorrow is pretty simple. We are going to have a nice relaxing day at home and then in the evening we are going to go to the casino to bring in the New Year. It seems as though this is going to become our new tradition. It worked well for last year and it was one of the very few times that we actually won money rather than lost. I hope everyone have a safe and fun New Year!

Tuesday, December 27, 2005


D went back to work today after his vacation only to find out that now everyone is on vacation and he will be off until the 3rd. That was a pretty cool surprise for both of us. So now we can spend a little time alone and just kind of hang out before he goes back to work for real. After the holidays I have lots of work to do with the business and get back on track. We have several new marketing ideas and I am excited to get things going with it all.

Monday, December 26, 2005

Back to normal

Yesterday we drove D's mom and step-dad back to the airport to fly home. We had an on drive and decided kind of at the last minute to try and find a store open where we could buy everything for a holiday feast. Luck for us it was early in the say and Safeway (though now our first choice for shopping) was open and on the way home. So we did just that bought everything brought it home and cooked! D even made the little mini pumpkin pies that we like so much. We have a wonderful relaxing day.

Friday, December 23, 2005


Well I can only say that the last few days have been very...strange. Amazing how quickly everything can change and things become very odd! On top of everything else my watch is broken. We took it to the store and replaced the battery with no luck. It still isn't working and I have no idea why.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Rain Rain Go Away

Well the weather isn't any better...still raining but we are having a good time anyway. I have to say I don't think we have gone out this much in the rain since we moved here a year ago. Yesterday we went to Front Street and to check out Poulsbo Place. They are still working but it doesn't look like much had really changed since we were last there.

Tuesday, December 20, 2005


Well everything went pretty smoothly with picking our guests up at the airport. Other than a little rain we have an easy drive and made it home safely. They have left their wonderful Santa Monica weather behind and joined us here in the wonderful wet northwest. Today we plan to go check out their property and see what progress has been made with the construction. I have no idea how these builders work in the cold rain but things seem to be moving along there with the homes being built. Of course actually construction has not started on their home/storefront but they are building some of the smaller homes in the development and we are excited to all visit it together. D and I can't wait to see what they think of it live and in person. It looks like for the next few days at least we are going to be having classic Washington weather. This is great because this is the perfect opportunity for them to see where they are going to soon be living!

Monday, December 19, 2005

Last minute...

Talk about last minute! This morning D was on the phone with his mom and I guess she didn't realize he was on leave for the next 10 days because all of a sudden they were talking about plane tickets and the next thing I know we are in a rush to clean the house because they are arriving at SeaTac in less than 8 hours! Amazing! The best part is that the house if sparkling clean and we have time to spare. I'm sure we will have a wonderful time and we don't mind last minute plans at all. We are just so shocked that they were able to buy round trip tickets from LA to Seattle for just $228 each. I guess that is the benefit to flying the same day and the fact the return flight is on Christmas Day. So they will be here with us for the next 6 days which will be wonderful. This will be the longest they have stated with us since they normally travel under the three day rule which is... after three days fish and company stink!
This evening we are going to drive to the airport to meet and pick them up. How exciting!

Saturday, December 17, 2005

New Look!

I had simply started to get bored with the blog and so thought it was time to make some changes. I am very happy with the way it is going so far except for the fact that I have seriously screwed something up and now have this strange text all over the blog! Yikes! Well I am seeking help with that and in the meantime I will continue with what I am doing.

It is still freezing cold in our part of the world and so we continue with the inside activities. Racquetball seems to be the thing of the moment. We have been going a few times a week and both love it. Right now warmer weather is what I would enjoy more than anything else! However, it going to be a while before we see anything close to warm.

D is off for the next 10 days on leave and so we are going to work more on the site and getting more new product added. After this short vacation things are likely to get very busy for him and so our goal is to do as much as we can in this time.

Friday, December 16, 2005

The Party

Hmm yeah so last night was the holiday party for D's new work! Originally they were selling the tickets to this party ($25) but soon changed their mind about that price and gave them away. Clearly some of these people have attended previous functions and they weren't interested in going for the price of $25.00. I suppose this should have been a clue but we thought going was the right thing to do for everyone involved. Why turn down a free dinner right?
Well the party proved to make me thankful that we had only spent our time and not spent actually money on this event. Don't get me wrong they were some very nice door prizes such as gift cards to a variety of stores ranging from $25 to $100 and also some not so nice gifts such as the Deluxe 7 piece grill set (it is WINTER TIME! Hello?) and the Home Depot gift card.
The best part of the whole event was the dinner. I will give them credit for that. It was a wonderful salad, grilled salmon and prime rib with veggies and some kind of grilled potatoes.
Overall D and I had our own good time together but the group wasn't that friendly so we hung out, laughed at everyone, enjoyed the meal and left for home.
The only real conversation we had with anyone was the lady clearing the table who made a statement about taking home the prime rid that D didn't eat to her dog. I hope he enjoyed it!

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Blackberry Burial

Sadly my Blackberry finally completely died! It has been acting crazy for weeks now. Mainly just little things but crazy just the same. Then a couple of days ago it starts just rebooting right in the middle of phone conversations. The email seemed to be working fine but each time I made a call or tried to play Brick Breaker it died. The screen would slowly fade as if it were taking a last final breath before passing over. I would then have to take the battery out and wait for it to reset. What a pain. I was pretty bummed out at first but then D called the warranty repair. They were fairly friendly and shipped a new phone overnight. It arrived today and everything is switched over and set up on the new one.
Now I will just hope that the lawsuit surrounding the BB can be settled and all will be right in the world.

Monday, December 12, 2005

Book of Shadows & more...

I few weeks ago I was surfing around on EBay as I have been known to do and happened across a store which sells hand-made books. I absolutely feel in love with them and so proceeded to email the store owner to see if she would possibly be interested in a trade. Yes, a trade for candles. I was simply delighted when she replied to my email and said that she had looked at my site and would love to trade one of her books for candles.
I completed her order for candle which she had placed on the website and then sent an email to let her know that I had shipped her order and also to ask when she might be shipping the book to me. I was again shocked and delighted when she said it had already shipped and should arrive Monday (today) or Tuesday.
I waited all afternoon for the mailman who normally comes around 3 pm. No mailman!!
Around 5 D realized that he had something he needed to mail and went to take that to the post office while I stayed at home. Not long after he left I heard the dog boys going crazy and the doorbell rang. It was the mailman (very late) but he had my package from Florida with the book! I was so excited to open the package and I have to say she does amazing work! The book is made of wood and while she will add Wicca/Pagan related designs to the books you can also order them plain. You pick your own stain, hinge and dedication if you would like to add one and she makes them in two different sizes. I think they are just awesome! This would make a wonderful gift for anyone who loved to write short stories or keeps handwritten journals.
On top of the books being so amazing I have to say this is a very nice person to deal with. There was a little mix up with something and she was more than willing to help me out! You simply couldn't find a nicer person to do business with.
You can see her work and pricing at
Terra's Temple which is her store.

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Racquetball and all...

Dan and I decided yesterday to go play racquetball. I myself had never played and he had only played maybe once. So we weren't really sure what we were doing but hey it sounded like fun! So we made our way to the gym and checked-out all the equipment needed for racquetball. This was…two racquets, two balls, two pair of safety glasses! So we were off! Since we didn't really know what the rules were or even how to play we basically just smacked the ball all around and attempted to keep it moving and off the floor. Hey it was fun even if it wasn't racquetball!
I have since looked up
the rules and know just a little bit more about the game! So when we go back on Tuesday we might just try to play for real!

Saturday, December 10, 2005

BentleyLover = SallyLover

Is this not a picture of love? I just had to share these adorable pictures of Bentley and Sally. They share such a special relationship! In case you can’t tell my JRT is absolutely in love with my friend Sally. She shows him affection and attention and in return she has won his undying love. Although I can’t say this is his first love it most certainly is his current and undoubtedly true love.

If all love could be this simply! Animals love you for no reason other than…you
love them.

Thursday, December 08, 2005

The new site is live...

Well the new website is live! We have put weeks of work into it and we have more work to do. We just felt it was ready enough to go live and remain a work in progress! We are both so excited about the new look. D has put lots of hard working into making the changed that we both felt needed to be made. I still have lots of new product to add and content to get on there but that will all come in time! Right now our big focus is on promoting and advertising. We have many ideas for it and this new direction is going to offer many opportunities that were not previously within reach. Go check it out!!

Friday, December 02, 2005


We are so excited to have our first snow! They have been saying for days now that we were going to have snow and nothing! This is pretty exciting for two reasons…one is that is doesn’t snow on the east coast and two the fact that it hardly ever snows in the part of Washington where we live!
Over all we only got about an inch I think. But that was enough for us to have a really good time. We took the boys out back and of course they weren't sure at first if they liked it. They totally hate the rain so I was shocked when they didn’t seem to mind the snow. Winnie was very interested in eating it. I made several little bite size snow balls for him and some not so small ones and he ate them all! I guess he thought it was some sort of treat! Amos was kind of neutral on the whole snow issue. He walked around and checked it out but didn’t like it much on his feet. Bentley was his normal “get ball I wanna play now!” self and so we played ball for a while until his feet were frozen and then well came inside to get warm. We had to enjoy it while we could because who knows when we will have snow like that again!
The picture is of our front yard.

Sunday, November 27, 2005

What a year

Wow! Today is one year we have been in Washington State! Wow it seems like 10 years…just kidding! We have done so much since we have moved here. The best part is one whole year of life without a hurricane!! That just doesn’t happen on the East Coast where I am from.
I still can’t believe we drove all the way across the country with two cars, three dogs and two humans! We had such an amazing time and are now able to laugh about all the crazy things that went on during that trip! Bentley going to vet in Texas, the rain in Texas, getting separated on the freeway in Texas, Thanksgiving in Santa Monica, being trapped on a mountain in the snow in Oregon, and finally making it to Washington to a rental house we rented over the net! Wow! That was adventure!
Since we have been here we have re-opened the business, closed the business, re-opened the business again, unpacked into a rental house, bought a house packed to move to our house, moved and un-packed in the new house, done a ton of remodeling, D is a new job and we have completed redone the website!
What a year!

Friday, November 25, 2005

Our Turkey Day

Did everyone have a great Thanksgiving? We did…it was a little different but still we had a great time. Last Thanksgiving we spent in Santa Monica, CA since we were
driving across the US anyway we thought why not stop there for Thanksgiving. Here we are with three dogs and we show up at the last minute just in time for Thanksgiving dinner!
Wouldn’t you love to have family like us? Well it ended up being fine other than Amos stealing a Turkey leg! D’s mom and step-dad we so happy to see us that they
arranged for us to stay the night at the Loews Hotel in Santa Monica and then the next morning we were on the road to complete our journey to Washington! Little did we know the adventure was just about to begin!
So when I say this Thanksgiving was a little different I wasn’t kidding! We spent the whole day at home being lazy until it was time to go to the Galley for our feast! It was indeed a feast! You might have thought you were at your grandmother’s house for Thanksgiving Dinner with an oddly large family! The meal was wonderful and we loved it! The upside of spending Thanksgiving there was….nothing to clean up the downside was…no leftovers. Oh we did bring food home Turkey and Ham! We just had to share it with the dog boys since they weren't able to join us!
Before eating we decided we want to have martinis after so we made a stop and bought everything one might need to do so. Including the glasses! We had a great night needless to say!

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone has a safe and happy Tanksgiving Day!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

So cold...

The proof is here it is winter in the Northwest! Wow…we have been here for almost a year and while it doesn’t seem to be raining as much as this time last year it is definitely cold! We are making ever attempt to conserve using the gas heat because we have no experience with it. The rental house we were in last year had a wood stove and all the wood you could ever need!
I do feel a bit more adjusted to the cold or maybe prepared is a better word. When we arrived last year we had come from tropical climates and had no real winter gear. That clearly changed very quickly! We now own everything you could possible need to stay warm!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Busy Busy Busy!

Wow…not only is this year taking off but I am so busy with the candles it is just a little insane. The newsletter is working great and seems to keep bringing the repeat business. I’m sure at this time of year most people are ordering for the holidays. In the middle of all of this I am trying to add new product and we are both working on the new site! Needless to say things are a little insane around here. Oddly enough these are the times I love. I enjoy very busy! I just hopethat the new website and new products continue this growth. I do have a feeling that as the holidays get closer this will slow down some but I believe that will be temporary

Monday, November 07, 2005

New routine

Well Dan is back to work at his new job and we are in the process of trying to settle into a new routine. After having all that time off and being at home everyday it is hard to try to get back into the swing of “working hours” and “bedtime”! We had a nice month long vacation (though we stated home) it was nice while it lasted.
It is a little odd now being home all day alone. I am so use to having him around. I find myself talking more and more to the dog boys. They also miss him! They sit in the window and wait for him to come home! None of us are looking forward to deployment.

Wednesday, November 02, 2005


I have been thinking for some time now that I would like to give the website a complete makeover. I’m thinking of a whole new direction to take it in. As with all new things it makes me a bit nervous. All ideas, no matter how good they seem at the time, can easily ended being a bad idea once acted upon. My feeling on this is simply how will you know until you try? I mean change is normally good and I just kind of feel like it has become….stale. Perhaps to rest of the world the look if fresh but I am afraid that for me it has lost all charm.

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Time to update

Time ready does fly when you are having fun! I haven’t updated anything here in such a long time! D has been off for the last month and so we have been hanging out and basically enjoying the time together. Soon he will be reporting to his new job and we aren’t sure how that is all going to work yet. So we begin another new adventure! It is hard to believe we have been here in Washington for almost a whole year.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Nothing much

Lots of running around today! I had to find a new supplier for a product that I normally have shipped from Texas. After Rita is done who knows if I’ll ever be able to get supplies from them again. Luckily I did find someone else to order from.
D and I spent the day today getting ready for the party tomorrow. I think we have everything under control and should be a nice day.
His eye is looking much better today and I’m sure in few days he will be completely back to normal! He hates it looking that way but there isn’t much he can really do about it but wait.
I’d like to apologize to the few people who actually post really comment on my blog for the addition of the word verification. There aren’t many of you and I know it is annoying but the spam is getting out of control! I’ll take it off soon.

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Check it out

Wow! This is amazing! I think it is wonderful that people are using popularity to help the Red Cross. I think Leno has the right idea! This is the 2nd (that I know of) bike he has auctioned on Ebay and considering the fact that the MSRP on this bike is only like 17,495.00 they aren’t doing bad with this one. Here is the link to a list of the people who have autographed this bike.
Looks like Jay had better get a few more of these lined up for these people who are being terrorized by the hurricanes. I grew up and lived for a very long time on the East Coast so I can honestly say that I know how many of these people might feel. I was fortune and never lost my home and everything I owned or the life of a loved one to any of these storms but I have been caught in several and also have had to leave home because of them. There is really no feeling like walking away from your home and not knowing if it will be there when you return. The amount of time people are given to leave seems like a lot but trust me it isn’t when you have to just drop everything and get out.

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Another Black Eye

Two black eyes in a week. First Amos and now D. Well sort of! Today D came home and said that while they were playing basketball at the gym this sport became semi full contact and he was accidentally elbowed in the eye! Yikes I say again that has got to hurt! So we spent the afternoon hanging out and then took a nap because after being beat up he wasn’t feeling all that great. Apparently while being elbowed his glasses were receive a beating of their own and are pretty bent out of shape and his wedding ring took a ride across the court and was rescued by someone standing by. When we woke up from our nap it was very close to time for him to leave for class and so he started getting ready. I thought he got away pretty lucky because his eye wasn’t swollen and there didn’t appear to be any bruising. That was until right before he was about to walk out the door he went to blow his nose and suddenly his eye looked like what you see here!! We freaked out! Right away we got into the car and headed for medical. We were there for some time waiting and when they finally saw him they explained that it was air and gave him an antibiotic to take for the next few days! Black eyes seem to be going around!

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


I must be in the steam of a good karma flow because lately I have been blessed with some very wonderful gifts! Yesterday afternoon I receive a package for my dear friend Cindy. She put some time and labor into make some wonderful gifts for me. I especially like the lady bug card she made and even more the lady bug family that now lives on the lamp in my office! She also sent me some lovely frames pictures of the two if us in a rose garden. These were taken during her recent visit. I love it all Cin thank you!

Monday, September 19, 2005

Catching up

I haven’t posted anything for the last few days because we have been having wonderful time running around and hanging out with family. Today the house feels so quiet and still with them gone. Even the dog boys are kind of wandering around wondering where their new playmates have gone. We had such a wonderful and fun time with them here. We spent one day in Seattle and took the underground tour. It was really interesting to see and learn about the history of Seattle. I had no idea the city had once burned and was then completely rebuilt. I’m almost certain I came very close to death walking all around the city but it was more than worth it because we had such a good time and I even got a crash course in using chopsticks correctly!
Steve and Lorene also gave us the most amazing gift! These wine glasses are so amazing! They are hand made in Sweden and they are so beautiful. I have posted a picture of them but they are much more beautiful than the photo shows. They take on an even more interesting look filled with wine.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Tori Tori Tori

Yesterday I received such an awesome surprise from friend Sally! She showed up at my door with the artist signed Tori Amos poster for the 2005 tour! Is this not awesome? She just happens to have the hook up for this type of thing and also happen to be thinking of her little fairy friend (that would be me)! She is very aware of my love for Tori as she heard all about the show and details. She also graciously and with no whining sat through looking at the photos again with me after she had already viewed them here on the blog. I know I know…what a sweet lady! I am desperately trying to think of a way to properly thank her. Needless to say for me this is a really big deal so I’m still working on that one. I have said this before but I will say it again got check out her products! She is amazing!

Friday, September 16, 2005

Beagle Bully with a Black Eye

For the most part my home is normally calm and relaxing. It is in a word my sanctuary. In fact it is very warm, peaceful and inviting. Inviting that is to those of us who live here.
The boys are normally very good. They share food, drink, the backyard and the bed. Occasionally when they are feeling extreme generous they allow D and I to not only share the bed with them but actually sleep in a some what human position.
However, when you consider that we share the home with our very own mini-pack of canines you can bet disputed will arise from time to time. Yesterday evening was one of these times.

One of these famous disputes arose late yesterday evening. Amazingly enough it was over a plastic green rubber ball the size of a golf ball that we humans paid a mere 1.00 for the day we picked Cin up from the airport. You must understand however that the canine value of this ball if oh I would say about enough to fund one human a trip around the world….three time.
The result of this dispute is clearly noted below in the picture you see. Once the war broke out D grabbed Bentley and made a dash for one bedroom while I tried to calm Amos. Currently Amos is what we call the Bully around here. He is largest and sometimes the meanest but by far he is not the bravest! We have come to learn that bravery in the canine world normally comes in a small package. Such as the 20 pound Jack Russell who truly with every bit of the fur on his little body believes he is at least 100 pounds.
The same JR who beat up the Beagle over the little green ball!

Click on the picture to enlarge it.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Goodbye Ebay

D and I have been talking about it for some time now and we decided today was the day. I have had the EBay store for several years now and it has been a great & wonderful journey. However with my website doing increasing well and the desire to put more money into advertising we have shut down and said our goodbyes to EBay. Over the past few months most of my regular eBay shoppers have migrated over to the website and while the activity on the site has boomed the eBay activity had declined. I know there will be some people who are upset about the whole thing. There are those die hard eBay shoppers who refuse to even look elsewhere. Those people simple don’t understand the fees involved with selling on EBay.

D has been working not stop to promote my site and he his put much hard work into it. So it seems the eBay thing has just kind of faded out of the picture for us. So it is time to move on and focus only on the website! The site has traveled such a long way since we started and we both now feel is it is a stand alone project.

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Crash & Stuff

I don’t normally recommend movies simply because I tend to enjoy the off beat type films more so than the same day to day type films. However, SEE CRASH! I’m not sure what it was about this film but I found it to be rather intriguing. There is a large cast and many things going on at one time. Some are connected and some aren’t. The movie is very different than I expected and though it isn’t the best film I have seen it is definitely worth having a look!

I have been watching the Roberts Hearings very closely and I do believe the votes will confirm him. This is just my prediction of course who really know what they are thinking at this point. I will say some of the comments bought up that he has made in the past about women I found very disturbing. However, I keep reminding myself that at that time (the 80’s) the world was in a different place and he was staff. So I do believe that things can change in twenty years. For now I’m not going to focus on that. I also feel like he is “dancing around lots of questions” without giving direct answers. It was pointed out to me by someone that this is his attempt to appeal to the Modern America and remain moderate.

Go Arnold
Can't we all just get along?

Monday, September 12, 2005

Confirmation Hearings

Wow...history in the making! I hope everyone is watching this. I am glued to it. I can't wait until they get to the questions! Talk about being in the hot seat.

Life for us is for the most part back to normal! With Cin's visit passed and the Tori show over life has settled back into the normal hum of our day to day life. We are now looking forward to a visit from family in a few days!

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Patriots Day (i can't see new york)

from here
no lines are
from here
no lands
are owned
13,000 and holding
in the purring of her engines
tracking the beacon here
"is there a signal
there on the other side"
on the other side?
what do you mean
side of what things?
and you said
and you did
and you said
you would find me here
and you said
you would find me
even in death
and you said
and you said
you'd find me
but i can't see new york
as i'm, circling down
through white cloud
falling out
and i know
his lips are warm
but i can't seem
to find my way out
my way out
of this hunting ground
from here crystal meth
in metres of millions
in the end all we have,
soul blueprint.
did we get lost in it
do we conduct a search
for this "from the other side"
from the other side?
what do they mean
side of what things...
and you said.
you again
it's you again
i can't see
i can't see new york
from the other side
i hum from the other side

Friday, September 09, 2005

All about the Tori Show

I have been a Tori Amos fan for many years. Actually it goes beyond being a fan. I'm on the verge of being obsessed! I use follow her all over Florida to attend shows each time she came to play live!
So D wasn’t all that shocked when I told him that I wanted to leave hours earlier than we needed to in order to be there in time for the M&G. She is famous for this and she always comes out early in the day before each show and meets with the fans. She signs things, accepts gifts, and takes pictures with anyone who might want that.
So D got home early enough and we set on the 2.5 hour drive. We arrived between 3:00 and 3:30 and of course as with all other Tori shows that I have attended there was quite a few people already gathered and waiting. They were numbering hands (this is something the fans do in order to maintain some sort of order) and we were number 49 and 50! We asked one person who was on staff about the M&G and were told that due to security issues that wasn’t on the calendar this year! I had huge doubts about this because as I said she always comes out.
So we just hung out to wait and see. Our plan was that I would attempt to meet Tori while D (because he is tall) would snap pictures the whole time and try to get some good shots! When the time came everyone there was a little insane I think. The man in charge “Smitty” came out and told us all what was going to go down. He set-up a table and explained that as long everything remain orderly we would shortly be able to meet her.
At first were kind of on the side and I was a little worried about being about to get up to where she was to actually speak with her and have her sign my book. I had given the gift to Smitty earlier to be sure that she received them. I didn’t want to risk the chance her not getting them. She started at the end farthest from us and worked her way to our end. This worked out perfectly because D was able to get so many amazing shots of her. There was a person next to me who was clearly in the perfect spot to be next to chat with her. I asked if he had something for her to sign and he said no. I thought I might be able to give him my book and let him have her sign it even if I didn’t get to speak with her. When I asked he said “No I’d rather not do that. You’ll be able too”!! At first I thought he just didn’t want to do it for me. But I realized later that wasn’t the case at all! Once he had spoken with Tori and they were done he literally grabbed me and moved me directly in front of her in his exact spot! At that point I was standing directly in front of her face to face. So to that stranger I would like to say thank you! I realize now that it wasn’t that he didn’t want to help me out but he wanted to make sure I had my own experience and memory of her! Thank you so much!
So there I was standing in front of her. She smiled the most amazing smile and said Hello…I asked her if she would sign the book for me and she said of course. We chatted for a few moments while she signed the book and then D took a few pictures of us together. The time was getting short and she needed to get going so she could do her sound check so after the pictures were taken I made sure to move out of the way so someone else could move forward and speak with her. While all of this was going on with me my wonderful husband was doing just as I had asked. He was taking pictures and making movies! I have included the link for these below. Take a look and enjoy! I would also like to say that we met some very nice people at the show and we had a wonderful time. The show was amazing! Tori fans are some of the most wonderful people in the world.

Photo Link
Movie Link

Thursday, September 08, 2005


The Tori Show is finally here! I thought since I am really so excited and really don’t have lots of time today anyway I would post a picture of the Ladybug as promised!! Is she not adorable? The picture was taken in light so it doesn’t really show how beautiful she is at night when she is lit up but still you should get the idea! Maybe she will bring me good luck!

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Tori Tomorrow

It has taken me almost a week to get caught back up with everything. Wow not working for a week can really put you behind! So now all is well and tomorrow is the Tori Show in Woodinville. D wasn’t about to get the whole day off but he will be home in time for us to leave early and make the 2.5 hour drive. Our goal is to get there in time for the meet & greet and hopefully I’ll be able to give Tori the gifts I have made for her and also have my book signed. We are both very excited!

Tuesday, September 06, 2005


I haven't posted anything in while and I do have lots to post about but for now this is so amazing. Below is a link to the diary of one person who actually lived through Hurricane Katrina and documented everything very well. There are over 190 pictures here of the before and after of New Orleans. It was so odd for D and I to look at these because we have been to all the places shown in this. At the end there is an amazing aerial view of before and after. This person did a wonderful job in the middle of everything that was going on! I can only say that I feel great sadness for the people who are suffering. If you can do anything to help please do!

Thursday, September 01, 2005

Bye for now

This morning was interesting having to wake up at 2:30 am to get my Cin to the airport on time. We did attempt to change her ticket but with it being a holiday weekend that was impossible. So amazingly enough we made it on time for her catch the 6 am flight back Florida! I was really sad to see her go. We did so much while she was here and had such a wonderful time. We love the Zoo and Cin bought me the most amazing lady bug lamp! I know it sounds questionable but trust me is it adorable! Later I’ll post a picture and prove that! She really did enjoy Washington and the Casino!! I loved having her here and was very sad to see her leave. I just hated to say goodbye. I think we both did. I did get a little lost coming home from the airport! I tried to use the GPS and it wanted to drive me to the ferry because it saw that as the shorest way home. I gave up on it after I had it drive me back to the airport! I was only about 10 miles out of the way but it was 5 am. Scary for me to say the least! I found my way pretty easy once I decided to do it on my own. Now I am so behind with everything now so I doubt I’ll be updating for a few a days until things are back to normal.

Wednesday, August 31, 2005

2 years and counting

So yesterday was our two year wedding anniversary and we had a wonderful time. We all took the ferry over to Seattle, made a LONG walk to the Space Needle and spend a long time there. The view is simply breathtaking from there. I don’t think I have ever seen anything like that. It was truly amazing. We had our pictures taken and did the whole tourist bit. After we were done there we took the tram to 4th and walked a couple more blocks to the Cheesecake Factory where we had dinner. This was such a very interesting dinner…considering the whole place (staff and customers) were in an uproar over the fact that they had almost no cheesecake! Cin ended up buy the last Godiva cheesecake they had and we just brought it home. It survived the walk and the ferry ride and as always was so delicious! We walked around Pike’s Market for a little while before catching the ferry home.

Sunday, August 28, 2005


My dear friend Cindy in Florida called me yesterday morning and said “find me a plane ticket I am coming to visit you.” I thought…no problem when did you want to come? I’d love to see you! What a surprise when she said tomorrow or Monday! Wow! Talk about short notice! Needless to say I spent the rest of the day finding a plane ticket for her. I’m still amazed that she was able to get a round trip ticket from Florida to Seattle, WA for less than 400.00 with buying it less than 24 hours before she was going to fly.
It has been almost a year since we last seen her and Bruce. We went to visit them one last time before our move to Washington. We had dinner and drinks and most importantly we came up with the idea for a restaurant that is going to make us all millionaires one day! This was shortly after Baby Emma’s visit. We said our tearful goodbyes and D and I headed out on our Great Adventure! What an adventure it has been! Unfortunately Bruce isn’t able to come due to work but I’m thrilled to have Cin for this visit!
The thing is her flight times weren’t all that great. She did have to get up at about 3 am this morning to make it to the airport for a 6:50 flight. She has a short layover in Atlanta. All in all this isn’t so bad though. She should land here in Seattle around 12.12 if all goes as planned.
D is going to take of some things this morning and then we are going to head out to the airport to pick her up! I can’t even explain my excitement! Cindy and I have the kind of friendship that will always remain. No matter where life takes us or how far apart we are. The kind of friendship that is more like sisterhood. I love you Cin!

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Mind Prober

Anyone remember this? Apparently this was a rather popular program many years ago. D just happened to get a copy of this from an old friend of his last night. So we installed and ran it. I actually had never seen this program but D was very excited to see it again. I have to say his excitement was somewhat child like. He had that gleam in his eye. You know that “Christmas morning for an 8 year old” gleam. He is rather adorable when he is like this. So we proceeded to run this analysis on each other. I went first answering the questions about him. It took about 5 minutes to answer them all (I think I was putting more thought into it than needed) and when I finished it spit out this whole 4 paragraph overview of his personality. We had some good laughs with this. It basically stated that he is a well rounded, sensible, highly intelligent, reliable to get the job done, straight forward kind of guy!
Next was his turn to answer the same questions about me...I decided not to look at what he had to say so that I wouldn’t influence his answers in anyway. YES believe it or not I have personality flaws and I am aware of it!
He finished answering and it was time to hear the truth! Basically it comes down to me being a highly creative, dependable, slightly emotionally unstable, spirited, with a touch of needy-ness, never boring, lunatic!
The best part though is that D knows all this and he loves me in spite of it (or because of it) all!

So the point to all of this is…if you are feeling up to the challenge I have made available for download your very own copy of this highly complex and accurate personality analyzing software. So that you too can discover who you truly are!!! I would love to hear your results.

Click here for the Mind Prober download

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Thank you

I have been slacking on update here but I'm back on track now!

Yesterday our gracious friend Sally took us out and treated us to dinner and conversation! We had the most wonderful time (D and Sally even more so thanks to 1800 and Tangora) eating, drinking and talking! She took us to new restaurant that has recently opened and the food was wonderful…the conversation even better! Thank you Sally we owe you one! Just try to say clear of the stalkers!:) I would also like to encourage everyone to check out her marvelous work by clicking here!
I’m not afraid to admit that I am addicted to the Vanilla Hell and the Dead on Chocolate!

Monday, August 22, 2005

Birthday Wishes

Today is D’s birthday and of course my (other) idol Tori Amos also shares this date! So to my wonderful husband…Happy Birthday and thank you for being the perfect husband for me! Tori (although I am most certain that you won’t be reading this) I hope you have a wonderful day with your husband and beautiful daughter!
D and I are very excited because he also recieved a spa gift card from Steve and Lorene. We plan to have a spa date together! I'll be sure to update on that!

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Beer Butt Chicken

Well I have to say the Beer Butt Chicken was a hit! Once you (if you can) get past the name of what it is you are eating the chicken is delightful. Flavorful and very moist!!
I had no prior knowledge of how the ritual of the beer butt chicken took place. Let me just say…this is a true case of “the name says it all”! Basically you take a whole raw chicken (I myself have never cooked a whole raw chicken and although this was very delicious I’m still not sure it is something I can do) and true to the name you stick a beer in the butt of the chicken! Now of course you can use any type of beer, add any herbs or seasoning that you like to the beer before actually inserting it! It is then placed on the actual beer butt cooking rake. Then you simple cook it for hours (slowly) on the grill and before you know it…you have a perfectly prepared Beer Butt Chicken! I don’t expect to see this on any restaurant menu anytime soon. However I do highly recommend this recipe.

Saturday, August 20, 2005


Today we attended the birthday party and had such a wonderful time. That is except for the fact that I can’t actually say for the first (and hopefully) last time that I almost froze to death. Although it is considered to be “summer time” here in Washington it is certainly not the summer we are use to. Our host for this party has recently installed a new pool. We were pretty excited about that right up until about the time we hit the water! It seems the water didn’t have quite enough time to heat up! To the credit of the host of the party they did make every attempt to warm the water prior to the party but we all know how nature can be. Needless to say it was a short (very short) swim. The sun has never felt as good as it did when I stepped out of that pool.
Our gift was a success! We choose the ever popular (with the 7 year olds) ninja gear! It had just about everything a ninja could want or need for that matter.
We have also been invited tomorrow to attend the “beer butt chicken” ritual! This will be a new experience for us. I will be sure to update more on this later.

Friday, August 19, 2005

New flag

I’m not sure how I feel about the new “flag” option that blogger has added. It seems to me that everyone should have the opportunity to speak (or in this case type) as they see appropriate. I think what bothers me the most is that they have left such a broad scope on it. They (blogger) state “it means they believe the content of the blog may be potentially offensive or illegal”! Illegal is a given I mean I have no problem with this. On the other hand what each individual “may” find “potentially offensive” is a something completely different! Is is not?
On a lighter note…today was rather interesting. D and I had the adventure of going out to find a birthday gift for a friend’s son who is having his 7th birthday party tomorrow. We hit the local Toys-r-us and wow…was that nostalgic! We were literally like kids in a toy store. Being an adult is sometimes highly overrated!

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Words Women Use

I find this to be mostly true other than the last one! I always say thanks and mean it when I do say it!

Fine - This is the word women use to end an argument when they are right and you need to shut up.

Five Minutes - If she is getting dressed, this is half an hour. Five minutes is only five minutes if you have just been given 5 more minutes to watch the game before helping around the house.

Nothing -This is the calm before the storm. This means "something" and you should be on your toes. Arguments that begin with "nothing" usually end in "fine".

Go Ahead - This is a dare, not permission, DON'T DO IT!

Loud Sigh - Although not actually a word, the loud sigh is often misunderstood by men.
A "Loud Sigh" - means she thinks you are an idiot and wonders why she is wasting her time standing here and arguing with you over "Nothing".

That's Okay -This is one of the most dangerous statements that woman can ever make to a man. "That's Okay" means that she wants to think long and hard before deciding how and when you will pay for your mistake.

Thanks - This is the least used of all words in the female vocabulary. If a woman is thanking you. Do not question it, just say you're welcome and back out of the room slowly.

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Matters of the heart

So much going on!

First of all my “h” key on my laptop has decided to start sticking so anywhere there is a letter missing it is most likely meant to be an “h”!

Yesterday Winnie had an appointment for his annual vaccine and rabies shot. He was also due for another heartworm test!
When we found him over a year ago we knew right away they we wouldn’t be able to keep him but we decided to give him a safe place until we could find his family. I searched desperately to find his owner and was unable to do so. I put up signs, called the local Animal Control (in the event that his family would contact them to see if he was there) and I took him to the local Vet to see if he had a microchip or (because it was a very small town) if they had seen him before and happen to know who he belonged to. Nothing worked. I felt so bad for this family because they had lost a wonderful pet but his family just could not be found.
Because we already had two dogs of our own and at the time lived in an apartment it seemed impossible for us to keep this little guy!
So not knowing for sure what to do I made an appointment with out local vet to have him looked at and to get his rabies shot and vaccine. Part of the exam was the heart worm test for which he tested positive. I was sure at that moment that it didn’t matter where we lived or that we already had two other doggies, we were going to have to keep this little guy and make sure he got better.
This was just a short time before we were going to be moving across the US so things got busy and we decided to wait until we were moved to take of this.
So yesterday when he went in for his exam they retested for the heart worm (using two different types of test) and he is now showing negative on both. Needless to say we aren’t sure what to think.
There is chance that the preventive medication that the last vet put him on is causing the test to show a false negative and so our options as it stands now are to do nothing and have him tested again in a year, have a ultrasound done (this will only work if there is already enough damage to show up on the ultrasound) or take him off of the medication that could be helping (or hurting for that matter) the situation and then retest again.

So if anyone has had any experience with this or any information it would be welcomed!

This photo was taken by our dear friend Raul. To see more of his amazing work you can click here.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Your Name Here

I found this while poking around on Neil’s site. He is writer for those who haven’t heard of him. I think this is a very interesting idea! I certainly wouldn’t pay 3,500+ to have my name in a book but I am sure there are tons of people out there who will. What better way to find those people than EBay? I have seen people auction off there pregnant tummy for advertising and a lady who had a URL to a casino tattooed onto her forehead for 10,000! I mean it would be cool (name in a book) and all but I can think of better ways to spend the money. I do read most of the writers on the list of 16 who are participating in these auctions so it will be fun to see these books and also to see who wins and how much they pay.

This information was taken from the blog of Neil Gaiman
This September, Your Name Here...posted by Neil 8/10/2005 05:36:00 PM
It's nice -- and that's an understatement -- when something good done in this blog has repercussions. You may remember that back in March I auctioned off the name of a Cruise Ship in ANANSI BOYS for the CBLDF. And we made $3,533 for the CBLDF. And that happened around the same time that Michael Chabon used this blog to mention to the world that the First Amendment Project was running out of money having used most of it up defending Freedom of Speech issues (and many of you went and made donations). So I suggested to Michael Chabon that we might want to try something similar to what I'd done with eBaying a name in a book, only bigger.Michael and the FAP folk went away and did lots of work. And now it has borne cool fruit...Have you ever wanted to be in a Stephen King book? (You must be female in order to die, though.)
Stephen King What he's offering:"One (and only one) character name in a novel called CELL, which is now in work and which will appear in either 2006 or 2007. Buyer should be aware that CELL is a violent piece of work, which comes complete with zombies set in motion by bad cell phone signals that destroy the human brain. Like cheap whiskey, it's very nasty and extremely satisfying. Character can be male or female, but a buyer who wants to die must in this case be female. In any case, I'll require physical description of auction winner, including any nickname (can be made up, I don't give a rip)."When you can bid:September 8-18Or a Lemony Snicket book?
John Grisham What he's offering:"Your name or a name of your choosing will appear as a fictional character in my next novel. The character will be portrayed in a good light. My next novel should be published either in 2007 or 2008. The name you choose cannot be that of a real person other than yourself."
When you can bid:September 15-25
Lemony Snicket What he's offering:"An utterance by Sunny Baudelaire in Book the Thirteenth. Pronunciation and/or spelling may be slightly 'mutilated.' An example of this is in The Grim Grotto when Sunny utters 'Bushcheney.' Target publication date is Fall 2006."When you can bid:September 8-18 or a Jonathan Lethem-written Marvel comic?
Jonathan Lethem What he's offering:"I need the name of a Columbia University professor for a comic book I'm writing for Marvel. It can be your name or the name of a friend -- but if it's a friend, I need to hear from them with their permission."When you can bid:September 8-18
I am promising(Neil Gaiman) to put your name onto a gravestone in my next children's novel, THE GRAVEYARD BOOK.

Anyway, the schedule (and the complete list of authors) with details on bidding can be found here.

Monday, August 15, 2005

Sweet the Sting

I had the video up here for a while but of course it slows everything down so if you want to see it you can click here.

"love let me breathe breathe you in melt the confusion until there is there is you - union"

Sunday, August 14, 2005


We had the most amazing time yesterday! We drove to NWtrek which is not far from Seattle and spent the day there. We saw just about every wild animal that I can think of and we had a really nice day. We haven’t spent much time outdoors other than in our own backyard since we moved to Washington (mainly due to the weather) but we both love it! We were freezing when we got here and then from winter went right into rain! We have just recently started having really nice weather. We are more than gratefully for the sun and warmth since one of us is from Florida and the other from California.
The park is absolutely beautiful and very well maintained. I would recommend this to anyone who lives in the Seattle area of anyone who plans on visiting Washington. It turns out that couple (husband and wife) bought this 400+ acres in the 30's for less than 4.00 an acre. Then in 1971 (the year I was born) they donated it to be turned into a wildlife park.
I think our biggest discovery yesterday is that we came to the conclusion after seeing a deer very close up that Winston most definitely looks like a mini-deer!
We took tons of pictures and even made several short movies. I have gone threw them a little and taken out most of the ones that didn’t come out. Some of them are blurry because they were taken while we on the tram thingy and so we were moving. I might add that we enjoyed this much more than the zoo! At the zoo the animals are trapped and the people are free. This is not the case at Northwestrek!
You can click here is want to see the pictures or here if you want to see the movies! Enjoy!

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Little Kitty named "Bugs"

They covered this story on our local news a few nights ago. I found this to be very heartbreaking and sad. Luckily this kitty (it seems) is going to be ok. I seriously hope they find who did this. I personally do not feel that animal cruelty laws are strict enough but I know that many people feel differently about that. We are avid animal lovers and I think if there weren't county laws against it we would have a zoo in our backyard! One more thing…why in the world would this owner chain a little cat to a car bumper in the first place? That alone should be a crime!

Thursday, August 11, 2005

Summer of Sin

Yesterday while surfing around and checking out all the normal Tori Amos sites I saw on the dent that Tori Amos is coming back to Washington this September. You can not imagine my excitement!! I immediately turned on my irresistible charm and mentioned this to D!
Now you have to understand that earlier this year Tori played here in Seattle and we had planned to buy tickets. I was up early and ready the day of the pre-sale but as it turned out there was confusion with Ticketmaster and House of Blues about the pre-sale and the tickets did not go on sale when they should have. Bottom line we didn’t get tickets and we didn’t go to see Tori!! I was very disappointed but you know…shit happens! Needless to say this time we have tickets!
The coolest part about this show is that it is at Chateau Ste. Michelle and it is outdoors. What more could a girl ask for Wine and Tori. I think hanging out all day for the meet & greet shouldn't be so bad considering the location.

Click on the image to enlarge

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Age brings wisdom

Well so far I have had 2 flute lessons and it has really helped. Yesterday was my second which went much better than my first! I think I already sound better! At least I hope so for the sake of those around me. Pat who is my current teacher is a very kind and patient lady. I haven’t played in nearly 15 years…hell maybe more so it wasn’t like I could just pick it up and make beautiful music. I have no problem with the high tones but I swear the lower tones will be the death of me. Everyone insisted that it was like riding a bike (people say that about everything) “Oh it is just like riding a bike once you learn you never forget”! BS! Everything you do can not be compared to a bike just like all meat couldn't possible taste like chicken. More importantly I have to ask myself this… Why on earth did I ever give up something that I worked so hard to learn in the first place? I believe now (I was a firm disbeliever in my youth) that youth alone can make us foolish if we let it. I won’t claim this true for everyone but more exclusively in my own case. Some people just leave the womb with the ability to make all the right decisions. For the rest of us the lessons that we learn from our own life experiences are just as important as learning to read and write. So for everyone who told me “you’ll regret it later” let the record show that they were right and I (once again) was wrong. There is simply no way around the fact that age brings wisdom. How and if you choose to use it is a completely different story.

I believe the same is true in the animal kindom! For an (almost) tragic example look here!!

Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The Power of the Milk bone

I talk so much about my dog-boys I thought it might be a good idea to show them off. I’d also like to clear up the misunderstanding that I have three children! These are my “kids” and it seems I speak about them so much and so often that people who don’t know me assume that I have three children! Well in fact I do but of the canine sort.
You have to understand how this relationship came about. My husband in the military and therefore travels a great deal. Before we were married we lived in different cities…in fact we actually lived in different states. It wasn’t as far as it sounds about two hours by car. We spent weekends together and occasionally one of us would drive to the other during the week.
So for my 30th birthday my husband (who was not my husband at the time) bought me a puppy. This would be the Jack Russell in the left of the picture. This was right before he was due to leave for one his very lengthy trips. This kind of became a ritual because he also bought Amos the Beagle a year later before he was once again deployed. Winston…the little deer/rat looking thing on the right was a complete accident! He happened upon us one day and just made himself at home so he has been with us since. Please understand I did make every effort to find his real family before we moved him across the US and I was unable to do so. So this is my canine family.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Bad News Monday

Mondays have never been my favorite day of the week. It always feels like something has been stolen from me! It has…the weekend fades away and along with the sun comes waking up early, work, responsibility and over all chaos! Mondays always bring bad news!
There was something terribly sad about the news that Peter Jennings had died. Aside from the fact that it is “sad” when someone dies. I happen to be watching ABC at the very moment that they interrupted their normal broadcast to announced that he had passed away. They apparently had prepared this whole documentary of his broadcasting career and just had it standing by. This did raise a question though. Had they prepared this several weeks in advance for the event of his death? You have to love the media!
To their credit I’ll say they did a wonderful job with it. He really was an amazing man. He traveled all over the world as a reporter and did this for over 40 years.
I would imagine people all over the world could recognize his face…and voice for that matter.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

Russian Sub

I was so very happy this morning to read this. I have been following this very closely. I can’t say that things like this always held my intrest but as of late I have become much more aware of what is actually going on around me. Could this be old age? I thought with age you become less aware. Well anyway being that my husband spends at least half his time on a sub needless to say I have been paying attention.
Even more so because let us not forget this!

Saturday, August 06, 2005

Enormous love/lust

It should come as no shock that I have a great love affair with books. My husband being more of a technical person simply can’t understand this. He sees no reason in continuing the relationship with a book once you have read it. Unless of course it was something like the latest copy of 2600 (paid for with cash only of course or better yet read in the local book store and then left like a desperate lover)! For this reason I will attempt to explain this affair.
When I pick up a book I hold a world of possibility in my two small hands. There are no limits and there is no hurry. Like the attentive lover the pages will always be there for me. Offering me something that, for the moment, no other can. As we learn each other a bond is formed. I relate books to every event in my life. A book is a memory….where was I when I read it, what was going on in my life at the time. What memories, feelings, and thoughts did it stir? Was the affair passion and over quickly or was it a long steady love that only grew stronger over time? A book holds a certain magic that is given exclusively to its reader.

Friday, August 05, 2005

Brick Breaker

I’m sure anyone and everyone who has or has had a Blackberry can relate! It all started innocently enough. I discovered this when I first received my blackberry and thought “how silly a game on this phone” anyway I swear it was months before I even looked at it again. Then it was just once in a while like when I was on hold or for a minute while sitting outside with the dog boys. No Big Deal! Then at some point things took a very drastic turn! Now I spend hours and hours at it. Every spare minute I spend playing this thing. That isn’t even the worst part….D is also addicted! We are both constantly trying to beat our high scores! We have conversations about it all the time and we have even gone so far as to search the internet for tips and tricks! So…how can a small simple game on my phone be so addictive? I have summed it up to this…I just have an addictive personality.

BTW my brickbreaker high score right now is 9160 (sad huh?)

Thursday, August 04, 2005


When I planted sunflowers this year I had no idea that they would turn out so wonderful. I know they are pretty easy to grow not really needing tons of care. I took these pictures a few days ago when the sun was just starting to set. The flower is actual resting against a window but from the sun it caught the reflection of the sky. Pretty amazing! I have many other flowers/plants that are doing just as well as the sunflowers but for some reason these are my favorite. They always have been. My husband likes the African daisy plants. They stand straight up in bunches during the day when it is sunny and then at night they lay down and sleep. They are very beautiful orange and yellow but I still prefer the Sunflowers.

Tuesday, August 02, 2005


So yesterday morning the deadbolt on our front door decided to get stuck and not open! This as you can imagine is a bit of a problem. So we ended up buying a new knob and deadbolt. This wasn’t so bad because we were able to get rid of the ugly gold ones that were on the door. While we were at it (and since I have been asking for one) we also bought a peep hole. It isn’t one of those small cheesy ones either. In fact I have never even seen one this size. It basically gives a view of the whole front porch all the way to the street. We couldn’t resist playing around and taking a few pictures while taking turns look at each other threw it!

Monday, August 01, 2005

"Baby Dog"

Is this the most adorable face? This is just one of my adorable canine-kids! Amos better know as “baby dog”! Trust he lives up to this name in every sense. He is afraid of frogs, bugs, thunder, the vacuum cleaner, the hair dryer, most other dogs…and the list goes on! The only thing he doesn’t fear would his older (Jack Russell) brother Bentley! He is two years old and takes being a hound dog very seriously. Sleeping is his most favorite thing lead only by eating.

Saturday, July 30, 2005

Up in smoke

So you should get a laugh out of this...Dan and I have wanted to stop smoking for so long. I believe that we both really do want to but it is so much easier to to talk about than to do. Even though we both know that our health should be on the top of the list of reasons to stop to be honest our motive is money. We just simply do not want and really can not afford to buy cigarettes. Plain and simple! I mean really who can? So this weekend rather than buy our normal cartons we actually bought a can of the loose tobacco. I am willing to have to work a little to be able to smoke but there is no way...I just can't smoke without a filter. That just isn't going to happen!
So along with the tobacco we bought a box of 200 filtered papers (they look just like a normal cigarettes with no tobacco in them) and a little tool to fill these with the tobacco. This sounds crazy but we are desperate to save money and this seems like one way to cut corners! So we head out from the store with supplies in hand! The total for about two cartons of cigarettes doing them this way is 17.00!! That is a huge difference from the 36.00 per carton we have been spending. To be honest the first few we made we were barely able to smoke. They were ripped or everything was falling apart! But at last we have gotten the hang of it and it seems to be working out pretty well. We still have a goal of stopping completely... is the question when?

Thursday, July 28, 2005

One more year

I had a great birthday! We took the ferry to Seattle and had a really nice dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. Then we walked around Seattle a little and took the ferry back.
We weren't able to stay out to late because we needed to come home and water the grass/gardens in the front!! HA I'm sure we never thought we would be coming home early to water the lawn! It has been so hot here and with so little rain that everyone is trying to save their grass. The guy across the street from us had a very lovely front lawn when we moved in and now it is all fried and dead! It is so funny to me because they are calling this weather (80's) a HEAT WAVE!! That is such a joke to me. It is in the 50's in the morning and then much warmer in the afternoon! The people around here act as if it 120 outside. In Tampa right it is 87 first thing in the morning so this doesn't seem so bad to me.
Although working in the garage during the day is becoming more uncomfortable. I have thought about working more in the evening when it is cooler.
The flute that Dan bought me is absolutely amazing. Unfortunately, I have forgotten most of what I learned so long ago. I remember the very basic things like fingering and blowing correctly for good tone. I played the flute for many years in school and totally loved it! Most people don't fine the flute as exciting as the piano or say a sax but a VERY good flute player could really change someone's mind about that.
I have met two other people so far locally online that currently play the flute. Both are willing to help me re-lean what I have forgotten for free. I'm really excited about being able to play again but I don't see the point of paying 40.00 a lesson. So I think I'm going to take them up on the free offer. It will be fun whether I become really good or not.
Dan's Dad and Stepmother sent me a wonderful gift also but there is a really funny story that goes along with it.
There is a local foot doctor here in Bremerton who has a TV ad they play at least a hundred times a day. The ad is for his services and also for the Kitsap Luxury Foot Spa. I always assumed from the ad that the spa was part of his foot practice and when people needed therapy or something he had this available in his office. So the day before my birthday there was a knock and door and here stood the foot doctor! I of course could not imagine why this man was at the door. He asked "Are you Pamela" and I of course replied "yes I am, you're that foot doctor from TV" he says "yes I am" ha-ha we both just stood there for a few seconds and finally he says "Well your Dad and "L" have given you a spa gift card for your Birthday" I say oh ok thank you. Then I said something like "you deliver?" he said "well actually my wife owns the spa and she asked me to deliver this for her" I said oh ok....
I was still thinking they were sending me to the foot doctor!!!! How strange!
Anyway I came inside and looked up the website (you can look at it here and I realized that is an actual spa and nothing really to do with the foot doctor! The two of them (the foot doctor and his wife who owns the spa) share the TV ad. So it appeared that they are one in the same when in fact they really aren't.
Anyway it was all pretty funny but the gift is a really nice gift! I mean who wouldn't want to spend a day at a nice spa!!!!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Personal and Universal Deities

Understanding Personal and Universal Deities

As with most all belief systems, past and present, there is usually a god or Deity called upon for guidance and help. Some faiths, such as Christianity, refer to this person as “God.” In this context, God is viewed and worshiped in generally the same way by all who follow that faith. God is seen as a single entity existing outside of this world while ruling everyone and everything within the world. In Wicca this is not the case at all, simply because it is not possible for every individual to all relate to one Deity in the same way.

Personal Deity and Universal Deity are two aspects by which Pagans view Deity. Universal Deity is the sum of all things both seen and unseen. Universal Deity does not merely exist outside of this world but also includes all of which is inside the physical world and inside each of us. As humans, this is not an easy concept to grasp. Our minds, by nature, have limits. These limits are what make Universal Deity far more complicated and confusing. The true nature of Universal Deity is so vast it can often times be far beyond just hard to comprehend. In fact, for most it is closer to being completely impossible to comprehend.

Most Pagan paths involve creating a personal connection with Deity. For many, doing so through the Universal Deity aspect alone would be difficult to accomplish. Universal Deity has no single face or name so it does not allow one to form the personal relationship with deity that is desired. Additionally, it is not Pagan belief that Deity must be seen and interacted with exactly the same for all people. We cannot all drive the same car, wear the same clothes or all give our children the same name. Therefore, only the purpose of Deity is viewed as being the same. If we all are expected to see and interact with Deity the same way, it may exhibit only one face and one name. As humans, we are very diverse and individual -- not only in our beliefs but also in how we view things, our abilities to interact with other people, our understanding of our self and the world around us. It is simply impossible for everyone to relate to one named Deity or the nameless Universal Deity which has no has no true form. However, this does not mean there is no connection to Universal Deity.

It is necessary for most that we envision Deity as an entity. The chosen entity to which we may apply a face and name allows for a much more personal and emotional connection to the one true Universal Deity. The Patron Deity is one that we may connect with on a very personal level. Patron Deity can be different from person to person depending on the individual. The fact that we are all different, having different views, emotions, and experiences plays a role. It would be difficult for us to connect and relate in the same way. The Patron Deity is what gives us the ability to connect based on our own personal needs and what feels right. This makes it possible for us to achieve the emotional, deeply personal connection to Deity through our chosen entity.

Just as there is no one name and face for Deity, there is no right or wrong Deity. Each of us through our different experience and previous incarnation will be drawn to the Deity who is right for us in this incarnation. There is no right or wrong way to decide what Deity to work with. There is also no limit to the number of Deities we may choose to work with. In ritual we worship the God and Goddess. Many people choose or are chosen by one pair, while others may have more that one or even multiple pairs with whom they work and are comfortable. This is really as much of a personal choice as deciding what you would like to wear today.

Which Deity we relate to best can depend on many different factors. It is not uncommon to choose a deity with attributes or qualities that we wish to draw upon to better ourselves. Perhaps we have always felt a fascination for growing plants and love flowers. We, then, might find Flora, goddess of plant life, as the deity we best relate to. Or perhaps we will look to Caffeina who offers inspiration and creativity. I have named these two as examples because I personally feel an attachment to them. Our own Patron Deity may not always be who we decide on. We may find that we are drawn to a Deity through symbols, visions, dreams or thoughts of that particular Deity. It is also very possible for our Deity to change over time. We may find that at different stages of our lives different Deities call to us which, I believe can depend on the lessons we each have to learn in this life. As we move forward to the next life we may feel a strong relation to the same Deity or it may be a completely different one. Above all, our relationships with our Deities should be well respected. Work and interaction with the Deities should be a cherished friendship. If we find it feels more like we are speaking with a “friend-of-a-friend,” perhaps that isn’t the right Deity for us.

The uniqueness of this is that it allows everyone the ability to have that personal relationship. With your own personal Deity you will find it easy to form a relationship and interact not only through ritual but in you day to day life. This is very different than many other religions where “God” is seen as a single entity. This is not to say that everyone will feel that they need to have a Personal Deity. The most important thing for each individual is that they take the time and find what works best for them.

Just a thought

Well today is my birthday! It seems so odd to me how the older you get the less important a birthday can seem. I can’t ever remember actually waking up on my birthday and feeling any different than I did when I fell asleep. It seem sad that all the great b-day milestones are when you are young and really still unable to appreciate the value of a gift. 13th - b-day becoming a teenager, 16th birthday being legal to drive, 18th walking through that door to whole other dimension of your life and of course 21st b-day - becoming legal drinking age. Though how many people really enjoy this one? You would think something would be saved for those birthdays that continue to come once the pure joy of youth is gone? I mean really isn’t turning 21 a gift itself? It is when you consider turning 21 rather than 31, 41, 51 and so on that it seems like the gift of a lifetime. However, maybe having another birthday at all is the real gift no matter what the age.

Monday, July 25, 2005


So another episode of the 4400 and I simply can’t get enough. We had planned to watch a movie tonight before but time didn’t allow. So went outside gave the grass and plants a drink finished just in time for me to plant myself in front of the TV. I’m not sure just how this fits into the grand scheme but I love this episode. How people wish they could experience something like this? Real or not…that would be a true adventure!
The thing that I love is also the thing that bothers me most! I can’t tell who is good and who is bad. I suppose that is the plan. I mean I have my own ideas but they just aren’t giving me enough

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Treasure or Trash

You really do have to appreciate the value of a garage sale. My husband and I occasionally on Saturday get in the car and just cruise around. We normally take one address from the newspaper and program it into the GPS receiver. Then we head in that direction and hit all the sales we see along the way. It is something like a treasure hunt to us. Armed with 20.00 we scavenge the city looking for a deal. Not that we need anything but hey you never know. The thing that cracks me up is how people value their trash (lets just face the fact that if it really meant anything to them they wouldn’t be selling in the first place) so much that many times you might think you were at a Macy’s sidewalk sale! As if there was such a thing. It makes you wonder if they actually want to sell their trash or if they have nothing better to do on a sunny Saturday afternoon so they decide to move everything outside, slap a price on it and just watch the people come and go empty handed?

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

You are a Cypress Tree

You are strong, adaptable, and striving to be content.
You're good at taking what life has to give - even if you don't like it.
A passionate lover who can't be satisfied, you are quick tempered at times.
You hate loneliness, want love and affection, and need to be needed.
A bit of a live wire, you love to gain knowledge any cost... and you can be careless at times.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Why I don't watch previews

Does anyone even watch the previews on rental DVD’s? Well I don’t! Not normally that is. Until just this week I have always just skipped (when given the option) or at the least fast forwarded through them. For some reason unknown to me or mankind I decided to watch the previews on a rental movie. I was shockingly amazed when I realized that I just might want to see these movies which according to the preview were “available now on DVD”! There were two so I eagerly returned to Blockbuster with the mission of coming home with these movies.
When I was unable to find them in their mass display of new releases (I had no idea how old these movies were) I moved on to the “older” section. Still unable to locate even one of these I proceeded to interrupting a conversation between the two very young male clerks at the counter about keyboards in China having or not having Chinese characters! Yeah…I know! This was a discussion that was going on between to two clerks before we entered the store.
So after interrupting this very serious conversation I asked about these movies and he diligently typed in the info given. Only to inform me that they didn’t carry the first movie and they have one copy of the 2nd title available for re-sale. He then added that I was welcome to search their 7000 previously owned movies in search of the one I was looking for to then purchase it for 12.00! This is one of the reasons I don’t watch previews!

BTW the tiles were Mean Creek and Enduring Love
Any Reviews?

Monday, July 18, 2005

Who did this?

Is anyone else as caught up in this as me? Silly questions since there are message boards popping up all over the place about it. I swear all week long I count the hours until once again I can join the 4400! Sick...I know! I have been known to watch the x-Files occasionally. I never minded the old re-runs of Twilight Zone, Alfred Hitchcock or even Tales from the Crypt. Which btw when I think about now Tales from the Crypt was rather silly. I can’t say I’m a believer but when asked if I "believe" Hmm I simple say... “Well I certainly don’t disbelieve”. I originally stated watching the 4400 out of simple boredom. My husband was away and at the time I didn’t have much of anything going on. It was a simple matter of flipping through the channels and there happen to be a new TV series coming on. So I thought why not…I started watching. Now it seems I plan my Sundays around it.
I can’t really remember ever being so caught up in TV! Who did this to me?

Sunday, July 17, 2005

Bow and Robin Hood

I have many opinions that I have never put into words. This is one of them.
I worked for many years in an industry that encourage and aided the hunting of animals for sport. It was ironic that I would end up in an industry such as this for more than a few reasons. One being that my father died in a hunting accident when he was accidentally shot by another hunter. Regardless of that fact I found this industry to be exciting and even more intriguing. At first I didn’t think much about the actual killing of an animal. I was a marketing coordinator and so my job included trade shows, advertising and customer service. There was a lot to learn and I was oh so very eager. Such as… “Will twisting or un-twisting the bow string make the draw lighter?” and “Can you change a two cam bow to a one cam without changing the limbs?”
After several years of working in this industry and becoming more familiar with it I realize that this job brought a fair amount of enemies!
There were groups such as PETA that exists solely for the purpose of putting companies such as the one I worked for out of business. This would mean putting me out of a job.
I would just like to say that I personally am an animal lover and I think that PETA does a wonderful job as advocates for those (animals) who have no voice. In fact PETA has nothing to do with what I’m getting at here.
So what am I getting at? Well while I have no problem with PETA there is another small group of people who I have a big problem with! You might not be aware but there are people out there who consider “hunting” to be inhumane. Now since we live in American and considering the whole freedom of speak thing this isn’t a crime you say! I agree.
However, I just have one question for the small group of people who will rally against the hunters of America and then have dinner at the local steakhouse. Why is it ok to breed and slaughter animals for meat to be sold in the market or to be served in a steakhouse but it isn’t ok to go out and hunt and kill your dinner? Doesn’t an animal in the wild have a better chance of survival than the one breed and held in captive only to be slaughtered? How is this more humane?
Ok so that was three questions but you get my point.


Saturday, July 16, 2005

Makes you wonder

This seriously makes you wonder how hard it would be for the "real" bad guys to throw everyone off!! I guess the X-ray technicians weren't fans?

"When a suspicious package turned up Wednesday in the Buffalo-Niagara International Airport, authorities were forced to clear the main terminal.
After all that, though, the bag turned out to contain "Star Wars" toys and memorabilia.
The package was apparently left unattended by someone who departed the airport on a flight bound for Miami, said Brett O'Neill, a spokesman for the Transportation Security Administration.
The contents had already been cleared for explosives by bomb-sniffing dogs, but X-ray technicians couldn't identify its contents.
"It was some questionable image in the package, so, at that point in time, it was decided to evacuate the terminal, because we just couldn't make out exactly what it was," O'Neill said.
Some 3,500 people were evacuated and the incident delayed the departure of a dozen flights."

Friday, July 15, 2005

Who would have thought...

If I told you that one very small but noisy amphibian could cause serious damage to Hawaii's economy by dragging down housing prices you might tell me that I am crazy! Well...guess again. Who would have thought that this small little frog could be so annoying that people would decide not to live in an area simply because the frogs are so loud! 70 to 80 decibels - about the loudness of a vacuum cleaner to be exact.
I say put these guys to work. I know in my own neighborhood there are more than a few people I would gladly trade the company of in exchange for the obnoxious mating call of the Coqui Frog. This isn't to say I'm not happy where I live but...come on... be honesty we can't all love everyone. Perhaps these little creatures could be the weapon of the future.
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