Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Just a thought

Well today is my birthday! It seems so odd to me how the older you get the less important a birthday can seem. I can’t ever remember actually waking up on my birthday and feeling any different than I did when I fell asleep. It seem sad that all the great b-day milestones are when you are young and really still unable to appreciate the value of a gift. 13th - b-day becoming a teenager, 16th birthday being legal to drive, 18th walking through that door to whole other dimension of your life and of course 21st b-day - becoming legal drinking age. Though how many people really enjoy this one? You would think something would be saved for those birthdays that continue to come once the pure joy of youth is gone? I mean really isn’t turning 21 a gift itself? It is when you consider turning 21 rather than 31, 41, 51 and so on that it seems like the gift of a lifetime. However, maybe having another birthday at all is the real gift no matter what the age.

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