Saturday, July 16, 2005

Makes you wonder

This seriously makes you wonder how hard it would be for the "real" bad guys to throw everyone off!! I guess the X-ray technicians weren't fans?

"When a suspicious package turned up Wednesday in the Buffalo-Niagara International Airport, authorities were forced to clear the main terminal.
After all that, though, the bag turned out to contain "Star Wars" toys and memorabilia.
The package was apparently left unattended by someone who departed the airport on a flight bound for Miami, said Brett O'Neill, a spokesman for the Transportation Security Administration.
The contents had already been cleared for explosives by bomb-sniffing dogs, but X-ray technicians couldn't identify its contents.
"It was some questionable image in the package, so, at that point in time, it was decided to evacuate the terminal, because we just couldn't make out exactly what it was," O'Neill said.
Some 3,500 people were evacuated and the incident delayed the departure of a dozen flights."

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