Thursday, July 28, 2005

One more year

I had a great birthday! We took the ferry to Seattle and had a really nice dinner at The Cheesecake Factory. Then we walked around Seattle a little and took the ferry back.
We weren't able to stay out to late because we needed to come home and water the grass/gardens in the front!! HA I'm sure we never thought we would be coming home early to water the lawn! It has been so hot here and with so little rain that everyone is trying to save their grass. The guy across the street from us had a very lovely front lawn when we moved in and now it is all fried and dead! It is so funny to me because they are calling this weather (80's) a HEAT WAVE!! That is such a joke to me. It is in the 50's in the morning and then much warmer in the afternoon! The people around here act as if it 120 outside. In Tampa right it is 87 first thing in the morning so this doesn't seem so bad to me.
Although working in the garage during the day is becoming more uncomfortable. I have thought about working more in the evening when it is cooler.
The flute that Dan bought me is absolutely amazing. Unfortunately, I have forgotten most of what I learned so long ago. I remember the very basic things like fingering and blowing correctly for good tone. I played the flute for many years in school and totally loved it! Most people don't fine the flute as exciting as the piano or say a sax but a VERY good flute player could really change someone's mind about that.
I have met two other people so far locally online that currently play the flute. Both are willing to help me re-lean what I have forgotten for free. I'm really excited about being able to play again but I don't see the point of paying 40.00 a lesson. So I think I'm going to take them up on the free offer. It will be fun whether I become really good or not.
Dan's Dad and Stepmother sent me a wonderful gift also but there is a really funny story that goes along with it.
There is a local foot doctor here in Bremerton who has a TV ad they play at least a hundred times a day. The ad is for his services and also for the Kitsap Luxury Foot Spa. I always assumed from the ad that the spa was part of his foot practice and when people needed therapy or something he had this available in his office. So the day before my birthday there was a knock and door and here stood the foot doctor! I of course could not imagine why this man was at the door. He asked "Are you Pamela" and I of course replied "yes I am, you're that foot doctor from TV" he says "yes I am" ha-ha we both just stood there for a few seconds and finally he says "Well your Dad and "L" have given you a spa gift card for your Birthday" I say oh ok thank you. Then I said something like "you deliver?" he said "well actually my wife owns the spa and she asked me to deliver this for her" I said oh ok....
I was still thinking they were sending me to the foot doctor!!!! How strange!
Anyway I came inside and looked up the website (you can look at it here and I realized that is an actual spa and nothing really to do with the foot doctor! The two of them (the foot doctor and his wife who owns the spa) share the TV ad. So it appeared that they are one in the same when in fact they really aren't.
Anyway it was all pretty funny but the gift is a really nice gift! I mean who wouldn't want to spend a day at a nice spa!!!!!

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