Sunday, July 24, 2005

Treasure or Trash

You really do have to appreciate the value of a garage sale. My husband and I occasionally on Saturday get in the car and just cruise around. We normally take one address from the newspaper and program it into the GPS receiver. Then we head in that direction and hit all the sales we see along the way. It is something like a treasure hunt to us. Armed with 20.00 we scavenge the city looking for a deal. Not that we need anything but hey you never know. The thing that cracks me up is how people value their trash (lets just face the fact that if it really meant anything to them they wouldn’t be selling in the first place) so much that many times you might think you were at a Macy’s sidewalk sale! As if there was such a thing. It makes you wonder if they actually want to sell their trash or if they have nothing better to do on a sunny Saturday afternoon so they decide to move everything outside, slap a price on it and just watch the people come and go empty handed?

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