Saturday, July 30, 2005

Up in smoke

So you should get a laugh out of this...Dan and I have wanted to stop smoking for so long. I believe that we both really do want to but it is so much easier to to talk about than to do. Even though we both know that our health should be on the top of the list of reasons to stop to be honest our motive is money. We just simply do not want and really can not afford to buy cigarettes. Plain and simple! I mean really who can? So this weekend rather than buy our normal cartons we actually bought a can of the loose tobacco. I am willing to have to work a little to be able to smoke but there is no way...I just can't smoke without a filter. That just isn't going to happen!
So along with the tobacco we bought a box of 200 filtered papers (they look just like a normal cigarettes with no tobacco in them) and a little tool to fill these with the tobacco. This sounds crazy but we are desperate to save money and this seems like one way to cut corners! So we head out from the store with supplies in hand! The total for about two cartons of cigarettes doing them this way is 17.00!! That is a huge difference from the 36.00 per carton we have been spending. To be honest the first few we made we were barely able to smoke. They were ripped or everything was falling apart! But at last we have gotten the hang of it and it seems to be working out pretty well. We still have a goal of stopping completely... is the question when?

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