Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Age brings wisdom

Well so far I have had 2 flute lessons and it has really helped. Yesterday was my second which went much better than my first! I think I already sound better! At least I hope so for the sake of those around me. Pat who is my current teacher is a very kind and patient lady. I haven’t played in nearly 15 years…hell maybe more so it wasn’t like I could just pick it up and make beautiful music. I have no problem with the high tones but I swear the lower tones will be the death of me. Everyone insisted that it was like riding a bike (people say that about everything) “Oh it is just like riding a bike once you learn you never forget”! BS! Everything you do can not be compared to a bike just like all meat couldn't possible taste like chicken. More importantly I have to ask myself this… Why on earth did I ever give up something that I worked so hard to learn in the first place? I believe now (I was a firm disbeliever in my youth) that youth alone can make us foolish if we let it. I won’t claim this true for everyone but more exclusively in my own case. Some people just leave the womb with the ability to make all the right decisions. For the rest of us the lessons that we learn from our own life experiences are just as important as learning to read and write. So for everyone who told me “you’ll regret it later” let the record show that they were right and I (once again) was wrong. There is simply no way around the fact that age brings wisdom. How and if you choose to use it is a completely different story.

I believe the same is true in the animal kindom! For an (almost) tragic example look here!!

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