Monday, August 08, 2005

Bad News Monday

Mondays have never been my favorite day of the week. It always feels like something has been stolen from me! It has…the weekend fades away and along with the sun comes waking up early, work, responsibility and over all chaos! Mondays always bring bad news!
There was something terribly sad about the news that Peter Jennings had died. Aside from the fact that it is “sad” when someone dies. I happen to be watching ABC at the very moment that they interrupted their normal broadcast to announced that he had passed away. They apparently had prepared this whole documentary of his broadcasting career and just had it standing by. This did raise a question though. Had they prepared this several weeks in advance for the event of his death? You have to love the media!
To their credit I’ll say they did a wonderful job with it. He really was an amazing man. He traveled all over the world as a reporter and did this for over 40 years.
I would imagine people all over the world could recognize his face…and voice for that matter.

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  1. Yeah. I have to agree that it is sad about Mr. Jennings. He seemed to be a very well-rounded person.

    And thanks for stopping by my blog. I'll be around more than you think. Just may not post a great deal for a few days, that's all.