Sunday, August 21, 2005

Beer Butt Chicken

Well I have to say the Beer Butt Chicken was a hit! Once you (if you can) get past the name of what it is you are eating the chicken is delightful. Flavorful and very moist!!
I had no prior knowledge of how the ritual of the beer butt chicken took place. Let me just say…this is a true case of “the name says it all”! Basically you take a whole raw chicken (I myself have never cooked a whole raw chicken and although this was very delicious I’m still not sure it is something I can do) and true to the name you stick a beer in the butt of the chicken! Now of course you can use any type of beer, add any herbs or seasoning that you like to the beer before actually inserting it! It is then placed on the actual beer butt cooking rake. Then you simple cook it for hours (slowly) on the grill and before you know it…you have a perfectly prepared Beer Butt Chicken! I don’t expect to see this on any restaurant menu anytime soon. However I do highly recommend this recipe.

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