Friday, August 05, 2005

Brick Breaker

I’m sure anyone and everyone who has or has had a Blackberry can relate! It all started innocently enough. I discovered this when I first received my blackberry and thought “how silly a game on this phone” anyway I swear it was months before I even looked at it again. Then it was just once in a while like when I was on hold or for a minute while sitting outside with the dog boys. No Big Deal! Then at some point things took a very drastic turn! Now I spend hours and hours at it. Every spare minute I spend playing this thing. That isn’t even the worst part….D is also addicted! We are both constantly trying to beat our high scores! We have conversations about it all the time and we have even gone so far as to search the internet for tips and tricks! So…how can a small simple game on my phone be so addictive? I have summed it up to this…I just have an addictive personality.

BTW my brickbreaker high score right now is 9160 (sad huh?)

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