Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Matters of the heart

So much going on!

First of all my “h” key on my laptop has decided to start sticking so anywhere there is a letter missing it is most likely meant to be an “h”!

Yesterday Winnie had an appointment for his annual vaccine and rabies shot. He was also due for another heartworm test!
When we found him over a year ago we knew right away they we wouldn’t be able to keep him but we decided to give him a safe place until we could find his family. I searched desperately to find his owner and was unable to do so. I put up signs, called the local Animal Control (in the event that his family would contact them to see if he was there) and I took him to the local Vet to see if he had a microchip or (because it was a very small town) if they had seen him before and happen to know who he belonged to. Nothing worked. I felt so bad for this family because they had lost a wonderful pet but his family just could not be found.
Because we already had two dogs of our own and at the time lived in an apartment it seemed impossible for us to keep this little guy!
So not knowing for sure what to do I made an appointment with out local vet to have him looked at and to get his rabies shot and vaccine. Part of the exam was the heart worm test for which he tested positive. I was sure at that moment that it didn’t matter where we lived or that we already had two other doggies, we were going to have to keep this little guy and make sure he got better.
This was just a short time before we were going to be moving across the US so things got busy and we decided to wait until we were moved to take of this.
So yesterday when he went in for his exam they retested for the heart worm (using two different types of test) and he is now showing negative on both. Needless to say we aren’t sure what to think.
There is chance that the preventive medication that the last vet put him on is causing the test to show a false negative and so our options as it stands now are to do nothing and have him tested again in a year, have a ultrasound done (this will only work if there is already enough damage to show up on the ultrasound) or take him off of the medication that could be helping (or hurting for that matter) the situation and then retest again.

So if anyone has had any experience with this or any information it would be welcomed!

This photo was taken by our dear friend Raul. To see more of his amazing work you can click here.

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  1. Awww, they are adorable. The one looks like he is sitting in front of a fan or something and just loving it.

    I love puppies/dogs/animals in general.