Sunday, August 14, 2005


We had the most amazing time yesterday! We drove to NWtrek which is not far from Seattle and spent the day there. We saw just about every wild animal that I can think of and we had a really nice day. We haven’t spent much time outdoors other than in our own backyard since we moved to Washington (mainly due to the weather) but we both love it! We were freezing when we got here and then from winter went right into rain! We have just recently started having really nice weather. We are more than gratefully for the sun and warmth since one of us is from Florida and the other from California.
The park is absolutely beautiful and very well maintained. I would recommend this to anyone who lives in the Seattle area of anyone who plans on visiting Washington. It turns out that couple (husband and wife) bought this 400+ acres in the 30's for less than 4.00 an acre. Then in 1971 (the year I was born) they donated it to be turned into a wildlife park.
I think our biggest discovery yesterday is that we came to the conclusion after seeing a deer very close up that Winston most definitely looks like a mini-deer!
We took tons of pictures and even made several short movies. I have gone threw them a little and taken out most of the ones that didn’t come out. Some of them are blurry because they were taken while we on the tram thingy and so we were moving. I might add that we enjoyed this much more than the zoo! At the zoo the animals are trapped and the people are free. This is not the case at Northwestrek!
You can click here is want to see the pictures or here if you want to see the movies! Enjoy!

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