Tuesday, August 09, 2005

The Power of the Milk bone

I talk so much about my dog-boys I thought it might be a good idea to show them off. I’d also like to clear up the misunderstanding that I have three children! These are my “kids” and it seems I speak about them so much and so often that people who don’t know me assume that I have three children! Well in fact I do but of the canine sort.
You have to understand how this relationship came about. My husband in the military and therefore travels a great deal. Before we were married we lived in different cities…in fact we actually lived in different states. It wasn’t as far as it sounds about two hours by car. We spent weekends together and occasionally one of us would drive to the other during the week.
So for my 30th birthday my husband (who was not my husband at the time) bought me a puppy. This would be the Jack Russell in the left of the picture. This was right before he was due to leave for one his very lengthy trips. This kind of became a ritual because he also bought Amos the Beagle a year later before he was once again deployed. Winston…the little deer/rat looking thing on the right was a complete accident! He happened upon us one day and just made himself at home so he has been with us since. Please understand I did make every effort to find his real family before we moved him across the US and I was unable to do so. So this is my canine family.


  1. Awww, how cute!

    I have a little "girl" too. She is my bestest buddy.

  2. Rachel,
    Thank you very much!! It is great having such a big family. They keep me company when my husband is deployed!