Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Your Name Here

I found this while poking around on Neil’s site. He is writer for those who haven’t heard of him. I think this is a very interesting idea! I certainly wouldn’t pay 3,500+ to have my name in a book but I am sure there are tons of people out there who will. What better way to find those people than EBay? I have seen people auction off there pregnant tummy for advertising and a lady who had a URL to a casino tattooed onto her forehead for 10,000! I mean it would be cool (name in a book) and all but I can think of better ways to spend the money. I do read most of the writers on the list of 16 who are participating in these auctions so it will be fun to see these books and also to see who wins and how much they pay.

This information was taken from the blog of Neil Gaiman
This September, Your Name Here...posted by Neil 8/10/2005 05:36:00 PM
It's nice -- and that's an understatement -- when something good done in this blog has repercussions. You may remember that back in March I auctioned off the name of a Cruise Ship in ANANSI BOYS for the CBLDF. And we made $3,533 for the CBLDF. And that happened around the same time that Michael Chabon used this blog to mention to the world that the First Amendment Project was running out of money having used most of it up defending Freedom of Speech issues (and many of you went and made donations). So I suggested to Michael Chabon that we might want to try something similar to what I'd done with eBaying a name in a book, only bigger.Michael and the FAP folk went away and did lots of work. And now it has borne cool fruit...Have you ever wanted to be in a Stephen King book? (You must be female in order to die, though.)
Stephen King What he's offering:"One (and only one) character name in a novel called CELL, which is now in work and which will appear in either 2006 or 2007. Buyer should be aware that CELL is a violent piece of work, which comes complete with zombies set in motion by bad cell phone signals that destroy the human brain. Like cheap whiskey, it's very nasty and extremely satisfying. Character can be male or female, but a buyer who wants to die must in this case be female. In any case, I'll require physical description of auction winner, including any nickname (can be made up, I don't give a rip)."When you can bid:September 8-18Or a Lemony Snicket book?
John Grisham What he's offering:"Your name or a name of your choosing will appear as a fictional character in my next novel. The character will be portrayed in a good light. My next novel should be published either in 2007 or 2008. The name you choose cannot be that of a real person other than yourself."
When you can bid:September 15-25
Lemony Snicket What he's offering:"An utterance by Sunny Baudelaire in Book the Thirteenth. Pronunciation and/or spelling may be slightly 'mutilated.' An example of this is in The Grim Grotto when Sunny utters 'Bushcheney.' Target publication date is Fall 2006."When you can bid:September 8-18 or a Jonathan Lethem-written Marvel comic?
Jonathan Lethem What he's offering:"I need the name of a Columbia University professor for a comic book I'm writing for Marvel. It can be your name or the name of a friend -- but if it's a friend, I need to hear from them with their permission."When you can bid:September 8-18
I am promising(Neil Gaiman) to put your name onto a gravestone in my next children's novel, THE GRAVEYARD BOOK.

Anyway, the schedule (and the complete list of authors) with details on bidding can be found here.

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