Friday, September 09, 2005

All about the Tori Show

I have been a Tori Amos fan for many years. Actually it goes beyond being a fan. I'm on the verge of being obsessed! I use follow her all over Florida to attend shows each time she came to play live!
So D wasn’t all that shocked when I told him that I wanted to leave hours earlier than we needed to in order to be there in time for the M&G. She is famous for this and she always comes out early in the day before each show and meets with the fans. She signs things, accepts gifts, and takes pictures with anyone who might want that.
So D got home early enough and we set on the 2.5 hour drive. We arrived between 3:00 and 3:30 and of course as with all other Tori shows that I have attended there was quite a few people already gathered and waiting. They were numbering hands (this is something the fans do in order to maintain some sort of order) and we were number 49 and 50! We asked one person who was on staff about the M&G and were told that due to security issues that wasn’t on the calendar this year! I had huge doubts about this because as I said she always comes out.
So we just hung out to wait and see. Our plan was that I would attempt to meet Tori while D (because he is tall) would snap pictures the whole time and try to get some good shots! When the time came everyone there was a little insane I think. The man in charge “Smitty” came out and told us all what was going to go down. He set-up a table and explained that as long everything remain orderly we would shortly be able to meet her.
At first were kind of on the side and I was a little worried about being about to get up to where she was to actually speak with her and have her sign my book. I had given the gift to Smitty earlier to be sure that she received them. I didn’t want to risk the chance her not getting them. She started at the end farthest from us and worked her way to our end. This worked out perfectly because D was able to get so many amazing shots of her. There was a person next to me who was clearly in the perfect spot to be next to chat with her. I asked if he had something for her to sign and he said no. I thought I might be able to give him my book and let him have her sign it even if I didn’t get to speak with her. When I asked he said “No I’d rather not do that. You’ll be able too”!! At first I thought he just didn’t want to do it for me. But I realized later that wasn’t the case at all! Once he had spoken with Tori and they were done he literally grabbed me and moved me directly in front of her in his exact spot! At that point I was standing directly in front of her face to face. So to that stranger I would like to say thank you! I realize now that it wasn’t that he didn’t want to help me out but he wanted to make sure I had my own experience and memory of her! Thank you so much!
So there I was standing in front of her. She smiled the most amazing smile and said Hello…I asked her if she would sign the book for me and she said of course. We chatted for a few moments while she signed the book and then D took a few pictures of us together. The time was getting short and she needed to get going so she could do her sound check so after the pictures were taken I made sure to move out of the way so someone else could move forward and speak with her. While all of this was going on with me my wonderful husband was doing just as I had asked. He was taking pictures and making movies! I have included the link for these below. Take a look and enjoy! I would also like to say that we met some very nice people at the show and we had a wonderful time. The show was amazing! Tori fans are some of the most wonderful people in the world.

Photo Link
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