Friday, September 16, 2005

Beagle Bully with a Black Eye

For the most part my home is normally calm and relaxing. It is in a word my sanctuary. In fact it is very warm, peaceful and inviting. Inviting that is to those of us who live here.
The boys are normally very good. They share food, drink, the backyard and the bed. Occasionally when they are feeling extreme generous they allow D and I to not only share the bed with them but actually sleep in a some what human position.
However, when you consider that we share the home with our very own mini-pack of canines you can bet disputed will arise from time to time. Yesterday evening was one of these times.

One of these famous disputes arose late yesterday evening. Amazingly enough it was over a plastic green rubber ball the size of a golf ball that we humans paid a mere 1.00 for the day we picked Cin up from the airport. You must understand however that the canine value of this ball if oh I would say about enough to fund one human a trip around the world….three time.
The result of this dispute is clearly noted below in the picture you see. Once the war broke out D grabbed Bentley and made a dash for one bedroom while I tried to calm Amos. Currently Amos is what we call the Bully around here. He is largest and sometimes the meanest but by far he is not the bravest! We have come to learn that bravery in the canine world normally comes in a small package. Such as the 20 pound Jack Russell who truly with every bit of the fur on his little body believes he is at least 100 pounds.
The same JR who beat up the Beagle over the little green ball!

Click on the picture to enlarge it.


  1. Your blog is a pleasure! We love stories about dogs, cats, other pets, everything and anything in nature, and welcome anecdotes. Thanks.

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  3. Oh my gosh, that is funny but the poor thing. Hope he is feeling better soon. Is the eye more wounded or the pride?

  4. ML - Thank you! Always lots of dog talk around here.

    Rachel - He is fine! It wasn't that bad it just looked awful! He is all better now.