Friday, November 25, 2005

Our Turkey Day

Did everyone have a great Thanksgiving? We did…it was a little different but still we had a great time. Last Thanksgiving we spent in Santa Monica, CA since we were
driving across the US anyway we thought why not stop there for Thanksgiving. Here we are with three dogs and we show up at the last minute just in time for Thanksgiving dinner!
Wouldn’t you love to have family like us? Well it ended up being fine other than Amos stealing a Turkey leg! D’s mom and step-dad we so happy to see us that they
arranged for us to stay the night at the Loews Hotel in Santa Monica and then the next morning we were on the road to complete our journey to Washington! Little did we know the adventure was just about to begin!
So when I say this Thanksgiving was a little different I wasn’t kidding! We spent the whole day at home being lazy until it was time to go to the Galley for our feast! It was indeed a feast! You might have thought you were at your grandmother’s house for Thanksgiving Dinner with an oddly large family! The meal was wonderful and we loved it! The upside of spending Thanksgiving there was….nothing to clean up the downside was…no leftovers. Oh we did bring food home Turkey and Ham! We just had to share it with the dog boys since they weren't able to join us!
Before eating we decided we want to have martinis after so we made a stop and bought everything one might need to do so. Including the glasses! We had a great night needless to say!

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