Sunday, November 27, 2005

What a year

Wow! Today is one year we have been in Washington State! Wow it seems like 10 years…just kidding! We have done so much since we have moved here. The best part is one whole year of life without a hurricane!! That just doesn’t happen on the East Coast where I am from.
I still can’t believe we drove all the way across the country with two cars, three dogs and two humans! We had such an amazing time and are now able to laugh about all the crazy things that went on during that trip! Bentley going to vet in Texas, the rain in Texas, getting separated on the freeway in Texas, Thanksgiving in Santa Monica, being trapped on a mountain in the snow in Oregon, and finally making it to Washington to a rental house we rented over the net! Wow! That was adventure!
Since we have been here we have re-opened the business, closed the business, re-opened the business again, unpacked into a rental house, bought a house packed to move to our house, moved and un-packed in the new house, done a ton of remodeling, D is a new job and we have completed redone the website!
What a year!

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