Monday, December 12, 2005

Book of Shadows & more...

I few weeks ago I was surfing around on EBay as I have been known to do and happened across a store which sells hand-made books. I absolutely feel in love with them and so proceeded to email the store owner to see if she would possibly be interested in a trade. Yes, a trade for candles. I was simply delighted when she replied to my email and said that she had looked at my site and would love to trade one of her books for candles.
I completed her order for candle which she had placed on the website and then sent an email to let her know that I had shipped her order and also to ask when she might be shipping the book to me. I was again shocked and delighted when she said it had already shipped and should arrive Monday (today) or Tuesday.
I waited all afternoon for the mailman who normally comes around 3 pm. No mailman!!
Around 5 D realized that he had something he needed to mail and went to take that to the post office while I stayed at home. Not long after he left I heard the dog boys going crazy and the doorbell rang. It was the mailman (very late) but he had my package from Florida with the book! I was so excited to open the package and I have to say she does amazing work! The book is made of wood and while she will add Wicca/Pagan related designs to the books you can also order them plain. You pick your own stain, hinge and dedication if you would like to add one and she makes them in two different sizes. I think they are just awesome! This would make a wonderful gift for anyone who loved to write short stories or keeps handwritten journals.
On top of the books being so amazing I have to say this is a very nice person to deal with. There was a little mix up with something and she was more than willing to help me out! You simply couldn't find a nicer person to do business with.
You can see her work and pricing at
Terra's Temple which is her store.

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