Friday, December 16, 2005

The Party

Hmm yeah so last night was the holiday party for D's new work! Originally they were selling the tickets to this party ($25) but soon changed their mind about that price and gave them away. Clearly some of these people have attended previous functions and they weren't interested in going for the price of $25.00. I suppose this should have been a clue but we thought going was the right thing to do for everyone involved. Why turn down a free dinner right?
Well the party proved to make me thankful that we had only spent our time and not spent actually money on this event. Don't get me wrong they were some very nice door prizes such as gift cards to a variety of stores ranging from $25 to $100 and also some not so nice gifts such as the Deluxe 7 piece grill set (it is WINTER TIME! Hello?) and the Home Depot gift card.
The best part of the whole event was the dinner. I will give them credit for that. It was a wonderful salad, grilled salmon and prime rib with veggies and some kind of grilled potatoes.
Overall D and I had our own good time together but the group wasn't that friendly so we hung out, laughed at everyone, enjoyed the meal and left for home.
The only real conversation we had with anyone was the lady clearing the table who made a statement about taking home the prime rid that D didn't eat to her dog. I hope he enjoyed it!

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