Friday, December 02, 2005


We are so excited to have our first snow! They have been saying for days now that we were going to have snow and nothing! This is pretty exciting for two reasons…one is that is doesn’t snow on the east coast and two the fact that it hardly ever snows in the part of Washington where we live!
Over all we only got about an inch I think. But that was enough for us to have a really good time. We took the boys out back and of course they weren't sure at first if they liked it. They totally hate the rain so I was shocked when they didn’t seem to mind the snow. Winnie was very interested in eating it. I made several little bite size snow balls for him and some not so small ones and he ate them all! I guess he thought it was some sort of treat! Amos was kind of neutral on the whole snow issue. He walked around and checked it out but didn’t like it much on his feet. Bentley was his normal “get ball I wanna play now!” self and so we played ball for a while until his feet were frozen and then well came inside to get warm. We had to enjoy it while we could because who knows when we will have snow like that again!
The picture is of our front yard.

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