Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Celebration or Protest

The house is so still and quiet today...it is rather odd. I keep thinking my phone is going to ring but of course it won't. It is hard to have a normal routine and then with not much notice it all changes. I catch myself thinking as if nothing were different.

The boys decided to have a party...I'm still not sure if this was a celebration or protest. Winston seems proud to take credit for this although I know it was a joint effort between the three of them. I thought I would share some of what I wake up to each morning. If you have ever had a dog that loves to chase a ball you will be able to appreciate this. Technically I don't speak bark but it isn't to hard to understand this Jack on Crack! These are just two short clips of what goes on for hours...or until I throw the ball. First the the Stare Down then The Fit. (you need to give these a minute to load before hitting play)

For all the other Blackberry users out there (or anyone who knows a BB junkie) I thought you might find this amusing. I am able to laugh at myself and others. While I am not all that bad...this clip reminds me much of D! His dad must of thought the same thing because he is the one who sent it to us!

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