Monday, January 09, 2006


I am a little anxious about my meetings tomorrow but I feel like everything will go smoothly. I think more than anything I am excited about just doing it! I am excited to get going with the whole store thing and this will give me a good idea of how it is going to go overall. Today I am working on making everything and hopefully this evening D will help me with the final touches on everything. There won't be that much to do. Mainly the labels and making sure I have everything I need.

I had planned on making the product yesterday but plans change. We went out for a little a while and ended up at the mall, to the base and then a quick drive by Poulsbo Place to see what is going on and if they have done anymore work there. My plan was that when we got home I would go to work and I think D was going to give the dog-boys a bath and give Amos a nail clip. We had this bright idea that if we bought the nail clippers we could just clip their nails at home and save the 12 bucks that we pay Petsmart to do it! Think again...the first nail D clipped was way to short and the next I know Amos is bleeding everywhere! I worked on stopping the bleeding and D was on the phone with the 911 Vet since it was Sunday. We were able to stop the bleeding and he seems fine but needless to say we won't be doing that again.

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