Saturday, January 14, 2006

Rain, Mud and War

Well I have multiple things to bitch about so I thought this might be a good a place to do so mainly due to the fact I am alone tonight and so who would I bitch to anyway..

1. The rain...the rain is the root of all my bitching! The rain is totally insane here and needs to stop. Because of the rain there is more to bitch about.
2. The dogs are totally bored out their minds since they can't/won't go outside in the rain. Do you have any idea how hard it is for a Jack Russell to be trapped inside all day. I would imagine it being close to asking a two year not to move for 3 hours straight! Because of this my home has become a war zone. They have no way to burn off any energy and so they are starting to fight. I give this picture. A JR bored out of his mind and plotting world destruction or in other words plotting who he is going to torment next!
3. Everything is a mess...everything is wet, muddy and just plain gross! We NEED sunshine! Every time I actually manage to bribe the dog to go outside and pee when we come back inside we bring at least two pounds of mud on the 14 feet coming back through the door! This make it pointless to try and keep the kitchen floor(or anything else for that matter) is freaking impossible!

On top of all this the new working hours that D has suck! Today for no reason at all I was crying...that is when you know it needs to stop raining. We have been doing this crazy lifestyle for many years now and so this isn't anything new for me. I'm just all screwed up in my sleep, the rain sucks and well that is about it!
However, I must add in defense of this region that the spring and summer are the most awesome I have ever experienced if we could just skip the winter and move on!

So if I sound like I am losing it that would be because well because I AM!

Today is Day 27!

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  1. Yeah, no kidding the rain. I haven't yet seen the weather reoprt for you all, but SHEESH. I'd go stark raving bonkers if I had to endure all that rain.

    And...I LOVE YOUR PUPPIES!! I want one, too. However, my landlord (a.k.a. my Aunt) no likey pets in the house. Oh well...

    Stay Dry!!