Sunday, January 22, 2006

Seahawks & Mile High Club

Well how about the Seahawks!?! Typically we aren't fans of football...I know this comes as a great shock to many people. However, because this is our home we couldn't help but watch this and be a little excited that they won. I think it was more fun to watch the "true" fans and see their excitement. Everyone around here seems to (at least for the moment) be a fan. Everywhere I went today I hear something about the game and thankfully I had watch and at least had a clue.

I saw this on TV and just has to look for myself. I think it is really kind of a neat idea for people who are busy and travel lots. Still for some reason this kind of creeps me out...I don't know maybe because I just recently watched Red Eye...I know not even related. I don't get the connection was just a thought. At least on the ground you can get up and leave if the blind date isn't going well...maybe this is really an underground club for the Mile High Club? I mean I am one of those freaky people who met my husband online so who am I to say what is strange? You read it right...we met on the net...IRC to be exact and that was hmm about 5 years ago and we have been married for almost 3.

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