Monday, January 16, 2006


Today the weather hasn't been any better than the last 28 days! However, we have a promise of a dry day tomorrow and maybe even some sunshine. I know everyone is going to be watching the Golden Globes tonight. I won't be...I just can't get into it this year. I don't even know why. I mean I think I know why...but I can't really say. That is more of the truth.

D is still working crazy hours and our sleep is way off. There was something very creepy on the news today. Yesterday around the time we were in Poslsbo having lunch a body was found floating in Liberty Bay just across the parking lot from where were. I mean it was spotted by someone from the Liberty Bay apartments which means it had to like...well it had to basically float right by us! We didn't see anything going on but then we weren't really paying attention. We were starving so eating was our priority and then the fact that they had no restroom to wash my hands was a small issue. Pretty creepy still that later a 2nd body was found in the same water but a different location. Apparently these are unrelated but this is still some creepy shit!

Today is day 29!

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