Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The Next Big Adventure

D has decided that we need to do some improvements around here. Mainly, the roof and gutters. So he has started calling people to come out and do estimates on the work. That isn't all we need to do but those things are at the top of the list. We feels that because the gutters are not working properly there is some wall damage on one of the exterior walls of the house. The plan is to fix the gutters and roof first then tear that wall out and see what is really going on in there. We would also like to paint the exterior of the house however that happens to fall in line after the roof, guttersand wall. We had a few people come already for the roof and the estimates range for the 5,000 to 8,000. I think the hardest part is picking the color. We saw a wonderful BLUE roof that would be great but worry how that might impact selling the house. I can't imagine everyone would enjoy having a blue roof. So I think we both agreed on something called Antique Slate for the roof. While the roof is being done we plan on replacing all five skylights with new ones. It is best to do them with the roof rather than have to pay someone to install them later on after the roof is done. That still leaves the gutter color and the exterior paint colors to be decided. Once I decided on the colors and he agrees I am going to started calling around to get estimates on painting the exterior of the house. The idea is to have all these things happen around the same time. No big deal right? This should be an adventure!

Monday, February 27, 2006


Today was spent in the yard again. I spent most of the day planting over 100 things. I am not sure if they are going to actually grow but I thought I would give it a try since the goal this year is to have everything from seeds. It seems like the rain is less and less but it is still really cold. During the day I notice it is a bit warmer than has been over the last few months but not much. The boys really enjoy the no the rain though...they can actually go out in the backyard and hang out for a while. It is also nice not to have all the mud inside. It is impossible around here to keep the floors clean but I am coming to terms with that I suppose.
Having D home is really nice. We have finally settled back in and everything seems normal again. Well for a little while at least. We have several more years of this so who know how it is really going to be

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Out with the old in with the New

The pond is officially working again! The gardens are cleaned out and we decided on wildflowers. We bought several boxes of wildflower seeds and through them all over the place. Now if the grow or not is yet to be seen! We noticed this morning that the house next door is for sale. We had no idea they were planning to sell but then we don't really talk that much. Everyone is this area just sort keeps to themselves and so it was really kind of a shock to see the for sale sing this morning. D went over and talked to them just see why they were selling and it seems they have a bid on a larger piece of property and so they are selling. We are VERY excited to see if they get what they are asking. Of course we hope they do because that would be good news for us. We have owned our house for less than a year and the value has already gone way up!
It will be interesting to see who we get for neighbors when they sell. While I would like having someone more social it could also end up being some asshole that moves in. While as it is now people around here aren't very social at all they at least are pretty cool. We don't really have any problems at all on our cul-de-sac and would like to keep it that way!

Saturday, February 25, 2006

Spring is here

We spent today outside for first time in months. It so nice being outside even if was a little cold. It was warmer than it has been in a very long time. We cleared out the whole big garden in front for replanting. It didn't take that long really but we haven't worked in the yard like for a while and we were both really tired by the time we had cleared away all that old mulch. We did have fun doing it though. After that we just took it easy....I made dinner and we watched a movie. We aren't sure what we want to do outside this year. Last year we moved here late in the year and so we bought a lot of potted plants and planted them. I did grow some of our garden from seeds but most we just bought. I think it would be fun this year to grow everything from seed/bulb. I lots of sunflower seeds and African daisy which we both love!
Tomorrow we are going back out to clean out the pond and getting up and running again. We miss the fountain and we also want to clear out that garden area and then decide just what we want to do out there.

Friday, February 24, 2006

I shot the Lady

We woke up pretty late today and decided to eat, shower and take off for the range. It is pretty far from home so we wanted to get there before it got to busy and we couldn't get in. We made the drive and after trying to fine a place to park we were relieved that they had two lanes available for us. We paid and set up and were ready to go. I had D shoot it first so I could see just what I was in for. We are not really familiar with revolvers and I had a pretty good idea it was going to be different than shooting the Glocks we own. So he shot it first and ended up with a little nick on right hand. It jumped a little and his had hit the barrel release thing. It wasn't a big deal. I didn't have that problem because of being left handed we hold it differently. It was very hard for me to shoot at first. I had 125g and 130g both were giving me hell. D ended up buying a few other things from the range and we tried those out but in the end I decided to stick with the 130's. I was a little discouraged when I started because while I was hitting the target at 15 feet I was all over the place. I am happy to say that after almost 100 rounds and one nice fat blister things were improving. After getting over some the excitement and getting a feel for it in my hands I started to improve...enough to defend myself for sure. I am hoping we can go back next weekend to the indoor but if not at least to the local outdoor range. I need just a little more practice and I will master it!

Thursday, February 23, 2006

It was about time...

After all the confusion with trying to buy the LS we decided that it might be better to just shop elsewhere. We knew there was going to be some travel involved because there is really only one place locally to shop and well we had already dealt with them enough. So yesterday D got home from work pretty early and called around a while yesterday and finally found a place about 40 miles away that had what I wanted. He called the right people to verify that there wouldn't be a problem with me just buying it in my name so soon after all the confusion with him buying it. We got the ok and set out for a short road trip. It took a little while to find the place. We called them a few times for better directions but they weren't much help in that department. Finally after driving around for a while we were able to find it. The whole took about 30 minutes and the longest part was filling out the paperwork. I felt certain that it would be delayed but the dealer made the call and it was a PROCEED! Much to my joy we were able to actually walk out the door with the LS this time. This proves that where you buy is just as important as what you buy. So after all the BS with the other place I finally had my Lady Smith!
This afternoon we went out and found the correct holster. We weren't sure if this was going to be an easy task considering I'm left handed. It ended up we found it rather easily and now I am all set! D is home tomorrow so we plan to go to an indoor range and try it out for the first time!

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

No Lady

D made it home safely yesterday and of course at the top of our list of things to do was to go pick up the Lady! I patiently waited at home for him to finish up at work and come to pick me up so we could head out to get it. He wanted to change and spent a little while with the boys then we were on our way. I had no idea of the disappointment that would follow. We arrived knowing it would be to late to hit the range by the time we were done in the store but having ever intention of being able to go tomorrow as soon as D was done with work.
Unfortunately due to incompetent help at the Sportsman's Warehouse we would not be leaving with the Lady! They had not properly provided the information that is required for the background check on our original visit with which had prompted a result of delayed. When we spoke with them yesterday we discovered that we had been lied to by an employee and that while we could legally leave with the Lady Smith a Proceed reply had not yet come back from NICS. Being the responsible people that we are we decided that it would not be wise to actual take the Lady Smith even though legally we were able to. Now what? I'm not sure...they (the store) really seem to not have a clue what they are doing and can't really give and good solid answers. Maybe it is time to shop some where else?

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

The right thing to do

I didn't actually see the sentencing but when I turned on the TV this morning they were talking about the decision that the judge made about sentencing Cody Posey as a juvenile. I believe that with so many people supporting Cody from his own community, jurors and the general public the judge really had no choice. I'm not sure if he made this decision because he feels it is right or because he will soon be up for re-election however, I agree with it and think it was the right thing to do. This boy isn't a career criminal and he deserve the opportunity to get the help he needs to be productive in society. I know so many people disagree with this. As for me I am pleased.
There are repeat offenders of unspeakable crimes who do less than 7 years and so to send a child to prison for the rest of his life....that seems like a crime. There is a difference between people who kill at random or for personal gain and people who kill to save their own life. Cody made some bad choices...but who hasn't? We all have things( probably not murder) big or small that we can look back on in our minds and know that we could have handle those thing differently if not better had we thought them through. However, the difference is chances are the things we think about took place in our adult life not when we were children

Sunday, February 19, 2006

The Best Part

The best part of today was the phone call I received. D is going to be home soon and best of all to stay for a little while. At least more than a few just a few days. It will be nice to live our somewhat normal life again as we know it. I am really excited for him to be home just for the fact he will be here with us. I am also excited because as soon as he arrives we will be able to pick up the Lady Smith. Of course he won't be able to actually hand it over to me until we legally transfer it into my name but that shouldn't take long and in the meantime I will still be able to shoot it at the range. I have been reading stuff online about thw LS and apparently people who own them (primarily females) really love it!

Last night I went to church with Tonya. It was....different. A different experience but everyone was really nice. I was a little confused about some of the things that actually went on but it was interesting and I did enjoy going. I'm not sure I will be going back anytime soon. Her family spends a lot of time going there. They go like three times a week or more. I'm not sure how people find that kind of time but it is their faith and I do respect that.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

My Saturday

I had a good time today. Went over to Tonya's house and watched a few movies. We had a hard time deciding what to watch but once we did it was pretty cool. She invited me to go to church with her tomorrow and at first I was pretty reluctant. I mean I have some vague memory of going to church as a child and well it wasn't something I was ever able to really find interest in. I really have no idea what to expect but did agree to go to the evening service. I mean after all if can't be that bad right? I just prefer to keep it from turning into a battle of beliefs. I do think everyone has the right to their own beliefs and the right to openly express what those beliefs are however, I do not agree with shoving it down the throat of everyone in sight.

Friday, February 17, 2006


I spent most of the day trying to clean up my laptop. It seems that some lovely little program decided to make home there. It wasn't the easiest thing to get rid of but I do think I was able to safely remove it and everything seems to still be working correctly. It took several hours out of my day.
Our weather has remained cold but dry...I am really happy about this. I was really started think the rain would never end. While I am told that is isn't gone for good it has been nice to have a break.
Tonight I spent a long time on the phone with a new friend and we had a nice conversation. It is always fun to meet new people and get to know them. I don't get to do that often so I was excited when she invited me over to her house tomorrow afternoon to just hang out. It is nice to have someone around to talk to with D being gone. We just haven't done this in such a long time and I seem to be having a much harder time with it all now than I have in the past. I suppose I was easily spoiled having him home for so long.
I haven't heard for him for days now via email. He isn't a big email writer anyway but I have tried to explain to him in the past how nice it is to get email while he is away. I don't think he really gets it. Anyway, hopefully he will home soon and I won't have to think about that for a while.

Thursday, February 16, 2006

It is all about the watchdog

Today was bath day for all the boys. That was some adventure. Of course when it was over they were all clean, soft and cozy! I am not sure they enjoyed me giving the bath since this something that D normally does. But for the most part they were all really good. Bentley was the worse but he was fine once I actually caught his little butt. He tried his little escape artist thing and went under the futon but the scent of milk bone was more than he could handle and he soon surrendered peacefully.
Amos was a little hard to actually get in to bathroom...I can't carry him around so I lured him in with a milk bone and then just had to lift him into the tub. After that it was pretty easy. Winnie of course is to small to fight back if wanted so he went peacefully.

This afternoon there was an extremely strange man wandering around in my front yard. He came up to the porch but never knocked or rang the doorbell. How freaking creepy is that?? The only reason I knew he was out there was because of the dog boys. There were going crazy...he didn't even seem to notice just kept looking around at the house. I went to get my shoes so I could go out and ask him what the hell he was doing and by the time I got back to the front he was getting in his truck and driving away. WTF?? It was some kind of food deliver truck so I suppose there is a chance was just lost. Needless to say I am little freaked out tonight!! Good thing I have these watchdogs! :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Who will be my Valentine?

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Valentine's Day!! The highlight of my day was a short email from D! It is kind of strange to be married and yet completely alone on Valentine's Day. Not how little girls dream about this day will be when they are all grown up! Because of my Lady Smith gift...I went yesterday apply for a CCP I was pretty excited to get the permit even though I don't have the gift yet. I went there yesterday morning to give then the application for the permit. I filled out the papers there showed my DL and dependant ID card. When I got there I asked how long it would take to get it back and she told me normally it take about 7 days. She did the fingerprints and all that and then asked me If I would like to just wait and she could just do the background check right then and if there was no problem she would give it to me right away and I could just leave with it. So I said sure and it took her about twenty minutes to type everything up and run me through the databases for the check. When it was done she printed and laminated it for me. Pretty cool...now I just have to wait for D to get home and then we can go pick up the Lady, transfer it into my name and head to the range.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Current News

I have to say I am just shocked about the thing with the vice president. So many conflicting stories to me seems a little fishy. I of course believe that it was an accident however, I wonder if it had been anyone else would there only be a $7 fine for not having the proper permit to hunt? Then the fact that they said no alcohol was involved and then later said he did have one drink with lunch. One drink is not "no alcohol"!! Again I don't believe that he meant to shoot his friend but I do think the whole thing was handled very poorly.

As for the guy who they think killed his wife and infant daughter...I see Scott Peterson all over again. So many things about this are similar to that and this is just getting started. I think everyone should have learned a lesson from Scott...I didn't feel they really had enough evidence to find him guilty but I do believe he killed his wife.

Here is a link to the personal website for this "once" happy family.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

Search for the IPOD...because he loves me?

We finally got the Ipod working correctly and we were so amazed by the sound quality! I really liked the small one the Shuffle and sometime between last night and this morning D decided he was going to buy it for me. Perhaps because my other gift is on hold? Anyway, before coming home he went the Bangor NEX to see if they had any and they didn't have any Ipod at all. We later found out that they had them but weren't putting them out until Wednesday when were "going on sale" which the sale price ended up being more than the current price...that makes no sense but whatever. So he went back to Best Buy to work out something with a discount on the one he already had and while he was there he in fact bought the Shuffle...which was exactly what I wanted!
I was making his brunch when he got home and it was kind of funny because I didn't even realized that he had it with him right then. The package is so small and easy to miss. He started pulling receipts out of the bag and say oh yeah the one you want is right there!
I was really excited and couldn't wait to plug it in and get that thing going. He hung out with me while I uploaded one song just to hear how this even smaller one sounded. HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT! At least we noticed right away that there was a huge difference from his 60GB and this 4GB Shuffle...something small I might have been able to live with but not this. I suppose we were spoiled after hearing the other one and then this one. If I had not heard the other this one might have sounded great but I had heard the other and this was not even close.
I was kind of upset with myself because he bought exactly what I asked for and now I was disappointed.
Being the wonderful husband that he is...he immediately said "no problem lets go get you the 30GB" which is just like his but 30GB rather than 60GB.
So we were off to Best Buy again...there was quite a bit of confusion and we ended up buying and then returning it before we even left the store. The confusion was on the store end and something that the store manager had told D and it ended up being incorrect information. So we left the and headed to the Bremerton NEX...on the way we called and verify that had the right item and D asked them to hold it until we got there. This is where we found about them going on sale in few days. The sales lady there explained that she had put hers out early because they were going to cost more after Wednesday when they went on sale. She said she didn't see the point in waiting to put them out since the price was going to be higher. So the adventure in the search for the Ipod ended there. We bought came home and I loaded it up...we laughed in the car on the way home joking about who awful it would if this one also had poor sound quality. Thankfully it doesn't...it sounds just as wonderful as the 60GB!!! So great that I took it to bed that night...and of course was made fun of.

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Our Early Valentine

We had the most amazing day and a VERY interesting ferry ride home from Seattle. D came home very early today and we went over to his co-workers house so that he could do some things to their computers. I met his friend for works wife and we talked while they played with the computers. She was very cool and hopefully we will all hang out more. They also moved here from Saint Marys where the guys were on the same boat together. They are still pretty new to the area so we were all talking about Seattle when D suggested that he and I take the ferry over and have dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. We sort of started celebrating Valentine's days early since he won't actually be around on that day. We took the ferry as planned and had a wonderful dinner at my favorite restaurant! He knows what I like! We saved our bread from dinner for VERY cute dog that was outside with the owner. We walked back to the ferry and hung out waiting for the next one. We had a really GREAT time! We weren't out to late because D does have to get up early for work tomorrow but he should be home really early.

Friday, February 10, 2006


Today has been pretty laid back...D went to work for a little while and then came home to sleep. My friend Sally came by today with gifts! She brought this beautiful "My Siren" Tori Amos handbill and this card from Despair.com! She always seems to know how to make a girl smile.
D is home for a few more days and then he will be off again. Hopefully we can have a nice relaxing weekend before he leaves. The weather has been amazing the last few days and I so wish it would stay this way. I know though that the rain is going to come back and we still have several weeks of cold weather before it will start to warm up!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Happiness is a Warm Gun

So I have been telling D for a long time now that I need something of my own. I started out shooting his Glock .19 and loved it! It took a while to get use to but over all I really liked it and became very comfortable shooting it. Right about the time I became really comfortable with it he decided that he wanted a Glock .27 and so he bought it and sold the the other. I was never able to shoot the new that well and so I need something else. He suggested that since my main concern is protection while he is out of town that I look at revolvers. So today he decided to take me shopping. We spent a long time at the gun store looking. At first I was torn between the Smith 340 and the Smith 642. We made about 4 trips back to the store before I decided on anything. We went to lunch and decided to call around and see if we could find these same models at another store. No such luck. However, while we were calling around we discover that the Lady Smith! So we made one last visit to the store to look at it. I feel in love with this one an finally the decision was made. We filled out all the paper work and will pick it up as soon as D get back home. Monday I am going to get a carry permit and then once he is home he will transfer it to me. It was a long day and I have to say I was EXTREMELY disappointed when we weren't able to leave with it. Since Dan already has an CCP we thought for sure we would be able to buy it right then and leave. When the check came back delayed he called NCIS and spoke directly to the FBI who told him that it was possible delayed because he did not provide his SS# which is optional. Anyway by the time he gets home we can pick it up! I really do have to most wonderful husband! Thank you DB!

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Home again

Dan made it home around 5:30 and we pretty much rushed out the door to Best Buy to replace the NEW mp3 player that he had taken on his trip. For some reason it decided to just stop working (after he dropped it) and nothing could be done to fix it. He always makes a point to buy the service plan (which we have used on many different products) so it was pretty easy to go in and get it replace. However, the brand that we had they didn't have in stock....so we decided to go with the 60GB Ipod. We did have a pay a small difference in price and they sell the power adapter separately...which D needs for when is traveling. After we were done there we just came home and hung out. He started playing with the Ipod but didn't really get it work right. We aren't at all familiar with the ITunes software so we need to figure that out. After playing with it for a while we spent the rest of the night hanging out and well...you know the rest.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Vedict is in...

It only took the jury 12 hours to decide his fate. That simply doesn't seem long enough to me personally. However, the verdict is much like I expected it to be. While his father was without question not a nice person, the step-mother even questionable...there is still the matter of his step-sister. Why he actually killed her we will never know. Now it is up to the judge to decide where he will spend the rest of his life....a prisoner for most if not all of his adult life? Not a nice thought.
I feel that had he only killed his father the outcome of this would be very different. The real questions is does a child have the ability to think things through enough to consider all the options? Or did he simply act out what he saw as his only option.
I know that often with these types of cases the focus falls on the criminal and little attention if given to the victims...in this case it is hard to form an opinion on just who the criminal is and the who the victim is. The only clear thing is that his step-sister could have only been as much of a victim as Cody himself. She was a child just as he was. Her fate was was determined for her by Cody and now his to will be decided by someone else.

Monday, February 06, 2006

The Wait

This morning I had a very unexpected phone call. Those are becoming more common these days. Things were starting to get a little calmer around here but that is all about to change.
It does seem that we are going to have at least a few days of no rain. That is always something to look forward to and be thankful for around here. I can't wait to have a few sunny days in a row. We have a small amount of sun here and there but never a whole day.
The trial for Cody Posey has ended and now everyone is just waiting on the jury. I have watched this pretty closely and have really mixed feelings about the whole thing. I don't think it is going take that long for them to decide. I do think the are going to find him guilty it is just a matter of ...guilty of what?

Sunday, February 05, 2006

Crazy/3 trips...2 clips

I thought for some time tonight that I had seriously lost my mind or was at the least in the process of losing it. Thankfully I did a search on Blogger and realized that I was not in fact not using my one way ticket to crazy land. At least not today.
Two of my posts have completely disappeared. One contained my thoughts on the movie Flight 93 and one contained my thoughts on someone who deceivingly displays the role of friend when in fact they are anything but. It was personal and not very detailed meant simply to be a reminder to myself. Sadly, before today I have not saved a backup of my blog so these thoughts are lost forever. To try and duplicate the post would be pointless in my opinion. So may they RIP!
So now that I have cleared up that (mainly for my own sanity) I can move on. Last night I watched Grizzly Man. I love it. He was such a unique guy! I just can't believe he spent 13 summers there with those bears.
I was a little upset about some of the things in the movie...like someone saying "He got what he deserved" as if what he was doing something bad...foolish maybe...but not bad. He didn't deserve to be eaten by a bear. Criminals are afforded a more comfortable death than that!! Also, I do not feel like he was responsible for the death of his girlfriend Amy, she was just a little older than me and as I understand it of sound mind. It isn't like he held her captive. Now, I do believe that sometime people "in love" can make foolish mistakes and perhaps this was the case with her. Her mistake could have simply been following the man she loved into a dangers situation. People do this all the time. Still I do not feel that he should take blame. Of course these are just my own opinions and I know many people feel differently.

I'm finally done for the day with all that I had planned for yesterday..I make three trips to Petsmart in Silverdale for the nail clips. Actually Winnie and Amos were the only two who needed a clip but I took Bentley in the car for the ride and walk around the store anyway just to keep everything FAIR! I know most people must think I am crazy but it just isn't fair that he not get the fun of the "trip" just because he didn't need the clip. So three trips and 2 clips...he is the strangest dog though he really bites his fingernails like a person would so we rarely if ever have to have his clipped. The other two need it far more often and so we take them to Petsmart where they charge $8.00. The vet in GA use to do it each time they went in for anything and the clip was free. Southern hospitality I suppose because the vet here wants 22.00 just clip their nails and that is even if they are there for something else...like a check-up or shots anything and the price is 22.00...that is a ripe off. So Petsmart it is.

I am not a true football fan but I am so bummed out about the Seahawks I can't even speak of it!

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Windy in my city...

Wow the wind here today is amazing. I don't think I have seen wind like this since the last hurricane I was in on the East Coast! However, this wind isn't bringing lots of rain which is great!
It is screwing up my plans for today. I had a plan to take the boys for manicures but that clearly isn't going to happen. I can barely walk around outside so driving is out of the questions. On top of the fact that very large trees have a way of falling around here...change of plans. I haven't ever lived any place where trees so commonly fall but then I haven't even lived where there were so many trees. I use to think that Florida had trees but that was nothing compared to here. Washington really makes Florida look like the swamp land that it is.
So today the boys and I are hanging out hoping the power stays on and that the trees stay standing. I did make a few short video clips of the wind for the blog world viewing pleasure. You can click the link at the bottom of the post. The first 4 are in the backyard and the last one in the front.

You need to give clip time to load before playing it.
Click here

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Flight 93

All I can say is that having D home for a short time was wonderful! It was short and the time flew by but it was great! It was a reminder of just how lucky I really am.

I have been waiting for months for this movie. While I really do want to see it I know it is going to be very emotional. I just like almost every other American remember just where I was on 9-11 and exactly what I was doing. In my case it isn't very hard to forget. I was standing on a beach with my (now) father-in-law who I had just met for the first time. We together were watching the submarine that my then boyfriend (now husband) was coming home on. This day I will remember for the rest of my life...for many reasons.
As we were standing on the beach with the other parents, gfs, children and wives of the men aboard that boat we had no idea what was going in the world. We didn't have a clue that America would be forever changed as we stood there on the beach on what is normally a very happy occasion. It was homecoming. The most important day of the year to every sailor and every family member. The boat had been deployed for 12 weeks and there wasn't one person present who wasn't ready to throw their arms around their loved one and welcome them home.
We watched the boat enter the channel to make the trip to the pier on the base and as it started to disappear again the group we were with decided it was time to make the short drive back to the the base so that we could met them at the pier. We had been very excited to be on the beach that day...watching the sub come in form there is the most amazing thing. After such a long separation we were just moments away from being reunited.
When we all settled into the car and were just pulling away from the beach there was lots of excited chatter going on in the van we were riding in. We were being escorted by another wife and there were several of us. Her cell phone rang and of course we the passengers were so excited that we paid little attention to her conversation. Until something in her tone and voice changed...then she had our full attention. She calmly explained that the caller (her friend) asked her is she had the TV on. Of course her answer was no. They reported to her that a plane had just flown into the world trade center. Of course at that moment we didn't know it wasn't an accident. I was in an instant state of shock, fear, and disbelief. We turned the radio on and quietly listened to the broadcast finding hard to believe what we were hearing. By the time we arrived at the gate to the base they had shut down the entire facility...which meant nobody got on and nobody got off. There were barricades like I have never seen and marines armed with rifles. It look just like something out of a movie. The was just the beginning.

At the time I live over a 100 miles away from the base but there was no way I was going to leave until I knew where D was and what was going on. We went back the hotel room where his father was staying and we immediately turned on the TV. What we saw was even harder to believe that what we had already heard. By that time they were replaying the video of the 2nd plane hitting. I have never felt as devastated as I did at the moment that I first saw the footage. Hearing something simply does not have the same impact as visual confirmation.

For hours we had no idea where the sub was, where D was or what was going on with him. After waiting as long as I possible could without going completely insane I (through not so conventional methods) found out that the second they hit the pier they were immediately turned around and sent back out. It would end up that they would return (10 days later) the day before his father was to fly back home. I spend most of the time with my future father in law. We were simply passing the time hoping they would soon return.

There is really nothing more that can be said about the tragedy of that day. I will not forget the feelings I felt during that time but they can't possibly compare to what the friends and love ones of those lost felt and I'm sure still feel.

The Heroes