Sunday, February 19, 2006

The Best Part

The best part of today was the phone call I received. D is going to be home soon and best of all to stay for a little while. At least more than a few just a few days. It will be nice to live our somewhat normal life again as we know it. I am really excited for him to be home just for the fact he will be here with us. I am also excited because as soon as he arrives we will be able to pick up the Lady Smith. Of course he won't be able to actually hand it over to me until we legally transfer it into my name but that shouldn't take long and in the meantime I will still be able to shoot it at the range. I have been reading stuff online about thw LS and apparently people who own them (primarily females) really love it!

Last night I went to church with Tonya. It was....different. A different experience but everyone was really nice. I was a little confused about some of the things that actually went on but it was interesting and I did enjoy going. I'm not sure I will be going back anytime soon. Her family spends a lot of time going there. They go like three times a week or more. I'm not sure how people find that kind of time but it is their faith and I do respect that.

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