Sunday, February 05, 2006

Crazy/3 trips...2 clips

I thought for some time tonight that I had seriously lost my mind or was at the least in the process of losing it. Thankfully I did a search on Blogger and realized that I was not in fact not using my one way ticket to crazy land. At least not today.
Two of my posts have completely disappeared. One contained my thoughts on the movie Flight 93 and one contained my thoughts on someone who deceivingly displays the role of friend when in fact they are anything but. It was personal and not very detailed meant simply to be a reminder to myself. Sadly, before today I have not saved a backup of my blog so these thoughts are lost forever. To try and duplicate the post would be pointless in my opinion. So may they RIP!
So now that I have cleared up that (mainly for my own sanity) I can move on. Last night I watched Grizzly Man. I love it. He was such a unique guy! I just can't believe he spent 13 summers there with those bears.
I was a little upset about some of the things in the someone saying "He got what he deserved" as if what he was doing something bad...foolish maybe...but not bad. He didn't deserve to be eaten by a bear. Criminals are afforded a more comfortable death than that!! Also, I do not feel like he was responsible for the death of his girlfriend Amy, she was just a little older than me and as I understand it of sound mind. It isn't like he held her captive. Now, I do believe that sometime people "in love" can make foolish mistakes and perhaps this was the case with her. Her mistake could have simply been following the man she loved into a dangers situation. People do this all the time. Still I do not feel that he should take blame. Of course these are just my own opinions and I know many people feel differently.

I'm finally done for the day with all that I had planned for yesterday..I make three trips to Petsmart in Silverdale for the nail clips. Actually Winnie and Amos were the only two who needed a clip but I took Bentley in the car for the ride and walk around the store anyway just to keep everything FAIR! I know most people must think I am crazy but it just isn't fair that he not get the fun of the "trip" just because he didn't need the clip. So three trips and 2 clips...he is the strangest dog though he really bites his fingernails like a person would so we rarely if ever have to have his clipped. The other two need it far more often and so we take them to Petsmart where they charge $8.00. The vet in GA use to do it each time they went in for anything and the clip was free. Southern hospitality I suppose because the vet here wants 22.00 just clip their nails and that is even if they are there for something a check-up or shots anything and the price is 22.00...that is a ripe off. So Petsmart it is.

I am not a true football fan but I am so bummed out about the Seahawks I can't even speak of it!

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