Monday, February 13, 2006

Current News

I have to say I am just shocked about the thing with the vice president. So many conflicting stories to me seems a little fishy. I of course believe that it was an accident however, I wonder if it had been anyone else would there only be a $7 fine for not having the proper permit to hunt? Then the fact that they said no alcohol was involved and then later said he did have one drink with lunch. One drink is not "no alcohol"!! Again I don't believe that he meant to shoot his friend but I do think the whole thing was handled very poorly.

As for the guy who they think killed his wife and infant daughter...I see Scott Peterson all over again. So many things about this are similar to that and this is just getting started. I think everyone should have learned a lesson from Scott...I didn't feel they really had enough evidence to find him guilty but I do believe he killed his wife.

Here is a link to the personal website for this "once" happy family.

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