Thursday, February 09, 2006

Happiness is a Warm Gun

So I have been telling D for a long time now that I need something of my own. I started out shooting his Glock .19 and loved it! It took a while to get use to but over all I really liked it and became very comfortable shooting it. Right about the time I became really comfortable with it he decided that he wanted a Glock .27 and so he bought it and sold the the other. I was never able to shoot the new that well and so I need something else. He suggested that since my main concern is protection while he is out of town that I look at revolvers. So today he decided to take me shopping. We spent a long time at the gun store looking. At first I was torn between the Smith 340 and the Smith 642. We made about 4 trips back to the store before I decided on anything. We went to lunch and decided to call around and see if we could find these same models at another store. No such luck. However, while we were calling around we discover that the Lady Smith! So we made one last visit to the store to look at it. I feel in love with this one an finally the decision was made. We filled out all the paper work and will pick it up as soon as D get back home. Monday I am going to get a carry permit and then once he is home he will transfer it to me. It was a long day and I have to say I was EXTREMELY disappointed when we weren't able to leave with it. Since Dan already has an CCP we thought for sure we would be able to buy it right then and leave. When the check came back delayed he called NCIS and spoke directly to the FBI who told him that it was possible delayed because he did not provide his SS# which is optional. Anyway by the time he gets home we can pick it up! I really do have to most wonderful husband! Thank you DB!

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