Friday, February 24, 2006

I shot the Lady

We woke up pretty late today and decided to eat, shower and take off for the range. It is pretty far from home so we wanted to get there before it got to busy and we couldn't get in. We made the drive and after trying to fine a place to park we were relieved that they had two lanes available for us. We paid and set up and were ready to go. I had D shoot it first so I could see just what I was in for. We are not really familiar with revolvers and I had a pretty good idea it was going to be different than shooting the Glocks we own. So he shot it first and ended up with a little nick on right hand. It jumped a little and his had hit the barrel release thing. It wasn't a big deal. I didn't have that problem because of being left handed we hold it differently. It was very hard for me to shoot at first. I had 125g and 130g both were giving me hell. D ended up buying a few other things from the range and we tried those out but in the end I decided to stick with the 130's. I was a little discouraged when I started because while I was hitting the target at 15 feet I was all over the place. I am happy to say that after almost 100 rounds and one nice fat blister things were improving. After getting over some the excitement and getting a feel for it in my hands I started to improve...enough to defend myself for sure. I am hoping we can go back next weekend to the indoor but if not at least to the local outdoor range. I need just a little more practice and I will master it!

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