Thursday, February 16, 2006

It is all about the watchdog

Today was bath day for all the boys. That was some adventure. Of course when it was over they were all clean, soft and cozy! I am not sure they enjoyed me giving the bath since this something that D normally does. But for the most part they were all really good. Bentley was the worse but he was fine once I actually caught his little butt. He tried his little escape artist thing and went under the futon but the scent of milk bone was more than he could handle and he soon surrendered peacefully.
Amos was a little hard to actually get in to bathroom...I can't carry him around so I lured him in with a milk bone and then just had to lift him into the tub. After that it was pretty easy. Winnie of course is to small to fight back if wanted so he went peacefully.

This afternoon there was an extremely strange man wandering around in my front yard. He came up to the porch but never knocked or rang the doorbell. How freaking creepy is that?? The only reason I knew he was out there was because of the dog boys. There were going crazy...he didn't even seem to notice just kept looking around at the house. I went to get my shoes so I could go out and ask him what the hell he was doing and by the time I got back to the front he was getting in his truck and driving away. WTF?? It was some kind of food deliver truck so I suppose there is a chance was just lost. Needless to say I am little freaked out tonight!! Good thing I have these watchdogs! :)

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