Thursday, February 23, 2006

It was about time...

After all the confusion with trying to buy the LS we decided that it might be better to just shop elsewhere. We knew there was going to be some travel involved because there is really only one place locally to shop and well we had already dealt with them enough. So yesterday D got home from work pretty early and called around a while yesterday and finally found a place about 40 miles away that had what I wanted. He called the right people to verify that there wouldn't be a problem with me just buying it in my name so soon after all the confusion with him buying it. We got the ok and set out for a short road trip. It took a little while to find the place. We called them a few times for better directions but they weren't much help in that department. Finally after driving around for a while we were able to find it. The whole took about 30 minutes and the longest part was filling out the paperwork. I felt certain that it would be delayed but the dealer made the call and it was a PROCEED! Much to my joy we were able to actually walk out the door with the LS this time. This proves that where you buy is just as important as what you buy. So after all the BS with the other place I finally had my Lady Smith!
This afternoon we went out and found the correct holster. We weren't sure if this was going to be an easy task considering I'm left handed. It ended up we found it rather easily and now I am all set! D is home tomorrow so we plan to go to an indoor range and try it out for the first time!

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