Saturday, February 11, 2006

Our Early Valentine

We had the most amazing day and a VERY interesting ferry ride home from Seattle. D came home very early today and we went over to his co-workers house so that he could do some things to their computers. I met his friend for works wife and we talked while they played with the computers. She was very cool and hopefully we will all hang out more. They also moved here from Saint Marys where the guys were on the same boat together. They are still pretty new to the area so we were all talking about Seattle when D suggested that he and I take the ferry over and have dinner at the Cheesecake Factory. We sort of started celebrating Valentine's days early since he won't actually be around on that day. We took the ferry as planned and had a wonderful dinner at my favorite restaurant! He knows what I like! We saved our bread from dinner for VERY cute dog that was outside with the owner. We walked back to the ferry and hung out waiting for the next one. We had a really GREAT time! We weren't out to late because D does have to get up early for work tomorrow but he should be home really early.

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