Sunday, February 12, 2006

Search for the IPOD...because he loves me?

We finally got the Ipod working correctly and we were so amazed by the sound quality! I really liked the small one the Shuffle and sometime between last night and this morning D decided he was going to buy it for me. Perhaps because my other gift is on hold? Anyway, before coming home he went the Bangor NEX to see if they had any and they didn't have any Ipod at all. We later found out that they had them but weren't putting them out until Wednesday when were "going on sale" which the sale price ended up being more than the current price...that makes no sense but whatever. So he went back to Best Buy to work out something with a discount on the one he already had and while he was there he in fact bought the Shuffle...which was exactly what I wanted!
I was making his brunch when he got home and it was kind of funny because I didn't even realized that he had it with him right then. The package is so small and easy to miss. He started pulling receipts out of the bag and say oh yeah the one you want is right there!
I was really excited and couldn't wait to plug it in and get that thing going. He hung out with me while I uploaded one song just to hear how this even smaller one sounded. HUGE DISAPPOINTMENT! At least we noticed right away that there was a huge difference from his 60GB and this 4GB Shuffle...something small I might have been able to live with but not this. I suppose we were spoiled after hearing the other one and then this one. If I had not heard the other this one might have sounded great but I had heard the other and this was not even close.
I was kind of upset with myself because he bought exactly what I asked for and now I was disappointed.
Being the wonderful husband that he is...he immediately said "no problem lets go get you the 30GB" which is just like his but 30GB rather than 60GB.
So we were off to Best Buy again...there was quite a bit of confusion and we ended up buying and then returning it before we even left the store. The confusion was on the store end and something that the store manager had told D and it ended up being incorrect information. So we left the and headed to the Bremerton NEX...on the way we called and verify that had the right item and D asked them to hold it until we got there. This is where we found about them going on sale in few days. The sales lady there explained that she had put hers out early because they were going to cost more after Wednesday when they went on sale. She said she didn't see the point in waiting to put them out since the price was going to be higher. So the adventure in the search for the Ipod ended there. We bought came home and I loaded it up...we laughed in the car on the way home joking about who awful it would if this one also had poor sound quality. Thankfully it doesn' sounds just as wonderful as the 60GB!!! So great that I took it to bed that night...and of course was made fun of.

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