Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Vedict is in...

It only took the jury 12 hours to decide his fate. That simply doesn't seem long enough to me personally. However, the verdict is much like I expected it to be. While his father was without question not a nice person, the step-mother even questionable...there is still the matter of his step-sister. Why he actually killed her we will never know. Now it is up to the judge to decide where he will spend the rest of his life....a prisoner for most if not all of his adult life? Not a nice thought.
I feel that had he only killed his father the outcome of this would be very different. The real questions is does a child have the ability to think things through enough to consider all the options? Or did he simply act out what he saw as his only option.
I know that often with these types of cases the focus falls on the criminal and little attention if given to the victims...in this case it is hard to form an opinion on just who the criminal is and the who the victim is. The only clear thing is that his step-sister could have only been as much of a victim as Cody himself. She was a child just as he was. Her fate was was determined for her by Cody and now his to will be decided by someone else.

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