Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Who will be my Valentine?

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Valentine's Day!! The highlight of my day was a short email from D! It is kind of strange to be married and yet completely alone on Valentine's Day. Not how little girls dream about this day will be when they are all grown up! Because of my Lady Smith gift...I went yesterday apply for a CCP I was pretty excited to get the permit even though I don't have the gift yet. I went there yesterday morning to give then the application for the permit. I filled out the papers there showed my DL and dependant ID card. When I got there I asked how long it would take to get it back and she told me normally it take about 7 days. She did the fingerprints and all that and then asked me If I would like to just wait and she could just do the background check right then and if there was no problem she would give it to me right away and I could just leave with it. So I said sure and it took her about twenty minutes to type everything up and run me through the databases for the check. When it was done she printed and laminated it for me. Pretty cool...now I just have to wait for D to get home and then we can go pick up the Lady, transfer it into my name and head to the range.

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