Saturday, February 04, 2006

Windy in my city...

Wow the wind here today is amazing. I don't think I have seen wind like this since the last hurricane I was in on the East Coast! However, this wind isn't bringing lots of rain which is great!
It is screwing up my plans for today. I had a plan to take the boys for manicures but that clearly isn't going to happen. I can barely walk around outside so driving is out of the questions. On top of the fact that very large trees have a way of falling around here...change of plans. I haven't ever lived any place where trees so commonly fall but then I haven't even lived where there were so many trees. I use to think that Florida had trees but that was nothing compared to here. Washington really makes Florida look like the swamp land that it is.
So today the boys and I are hanging out hoping the power stays on and that the trees stay standing. I did make a few short video clips of the wind for the blog world viewing pleasure. You can click the link at the bottom of the post. The first 4 are in the backyard and the last one in the front.

You need to give clip time to load before playing it.
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