Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Well today was the patiently awaited eye exam. They offer something I hadn't heard of before that is optional, for a small fee of course so I opted to do it. It was really pretty cool and (the part I like most) painless. Everything was fine with the exam and the doc was nice enough to email the scans to me! I left with updated prescriptions and the satisfaction of knowing I am not going blind! Shown below is the amazing Left Eye. I didn't see the point of posting both since they pretty much look the same!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

The run-around

D is on leave for the next three days and we need to spend this time getting things done before he has to leave again. Today was a crazy day to say the least...we spent the whole day driving around from place to place taking care of things. We did get most everything done but tomorrow I have an eye appointment and then we need to work on the taxes for the business! D has been looking into it but we have an appointment to answer any questions he might have before actually filing it just to make sure everything is correct!

Monday, March 06, 2006

Getting there!

Well we did go shooting today and had a wonderful time! A friend of D's from work came along who hadn't been to the indoor range where we go and I think he liked it. I'm was having trouble shooting at first. I thing I wasn't holding it right and it was hurting my hand but then after a little adjustment it was much better. I have improved drastically since the first time we went and feel more confident that in needed I could certainly defend myself. Hopefully we will be able to go again at least once before D leaves. After we all finished shooting we were very hungry so went to have dinner before driving all the way back home! We ended up getting a free desert out of the deal which was pretty cool!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Get over it!

Getting over the shock of the plant being sold we moved on to the front yard and what we can do there. The weather is starting to warm up and winter is waving goodbye for now so we decided to clean out the front yard and put down new mulch! We have seen people all over the place working in their yards getting a jump on the outdoor spring cleaning and thought it would be fun to join in. We have much less to do this year than last year when we moved in and it is still hard to believe we have been here in this house for almost a year! We spent most of today clearing away the old mulch and making several trips to buy more when we kept running out before we were done. This year we went with the RED and it looks fantastic!! We are so pleased with out work!
I'm excited because tomorrow we are going shooting again! More practice for me and the Lady!!!

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Stuck with the fake!

We got up early today and went plant shopping again we visited a tropical plant store in Poulsbo and then even went to a local nursery just to have a look. Nothing. So we decided to go back and buy the plant we liked the most the night before! There was one small problem when we got to the store where the plant had been SOLD! Yes some other person had seen a good thing and not wasted anytime buying it. Unlike us we thought for sure there was something better out there so went looking but never found it and when we returned for the plant it was gone. So the lesson here is don't waste you time looking for something better when you have already found something good! Otherwise like us you could end up with nothing! So for now we still have our old fake plant!

Friday, March 03, 2006

How Fake...

Today we were just talking and for some reason the conversation ended up being about a fake plant we have in our living room and we decided that it would be much nicer to have a real plant there. So at that moment we decided to set out to find something suitable for that area. We had only two had to be ALIVE and we wanted it to be at least of equal size to the fake thing we have there now. Oh make that three conditions....because we wanted something that would continue to grow. We have a very tall ceiling so it would have room and skylights so it would get enough light to do well in that space. Little did we know what a challenge it was going to be. We went several place and while I admit they weren't best places to look for tropical plants they were the only ones open at the time and out of three you would think we would find something right? Well we did find one and it was at the 2nd place we looked...we liked it (a peace lily) but we thought for sure there was something better out there. So we went to on more place just to have a look (which had NOTHING) and by the time we were done the store that did have a plant for us was closed. So we plan to go back to tomorrow (after looking at a few other places) and buying the one we liked!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Indecision & Gifts

First thing this morning we had someone come to look at the gutters and give an estimate on replacing them all! He was kind enough to leave a color option chart with me. I had lots of running around to day today so after the bank, post office and Blockbuster I went to Lowe's to pick up some exterior paint samples and get some ideas for color schemes. Little did I know what a hard decision this is going to be! I took a ton of samples and brought them all home laid then all out and all I can say is WOW! I like so many it is going to be impossible to pick! I thought the roof was hard to decide on but this is just crazy.
The good news is that later in the day we had another company come to look at the gutters and he was about to fix the major problem one right there on the spot! It 50.00 and the gutter is he used is green but is isn't a big deal being on the side of the house and hopefully soon they will all be replaced anyway.
When the mail came there was a package from my brother-in-law with a new speed loader for the LS! He bought it but it didn't work with the grip he uses so he send it on to me! I tried it out and it is a little hard to use at first but I think the more I use it the easier it will be. Very cool of him send it to me.