Friday, March 03, 2006

How Fake...

Today we were just talking and for some reason the conversation ended up being about a fake plant we have in our living room and we decided that it would be much nicer to have a real plant there. So at that moment we decided to set out to find something suitable for that area. We had only two had to be ALIVE and we wanted it to be at least of equal size to the fake thing we have there now. Oh make that three conditions....because we wanted something that would continue to grow. We have a very tall ceiling so it would have room and skylights so it would get enough light to do well in that space. Little did we know what a challenge it was going to be. We went several place and while I admit they weren't best places to look for tropical plants they were the only ones open at the time and out of three you would think we would find something right? Well we did find one and it was at the 2nd place we looked...we liked it (a peace lily) but we thought for sure there was something better out there. So we went to on more place just to have a look (which had NOTHING) and by the time we were done the store that did have a plant for us was closed. So we plan to go back to tomorrow (after looking at a few other places) and buying the one we liked!

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