Wednesday, August 16, 2006

So much...

This little guy had a rough weekend and ended up going to the emergency vet office Sunday night. He is having an issue with his prostate (of all things)! We returned home Sunday afternoon after going out for a while in search of a kitchen cart (what a chore) and returned home to blood all over the place. We first thought the dog-boys had been in a fight or something! So we checked them all and they were all fine so we actually started to think that someone had broken into the house and that the alarm had failed to work. Once we had check all over to make sure there wasn't a wounded intruder hiding Dan took all three boys outside and when Bentley went to pee it was straight blood! We called the emergency vet and Dan took him in right away. It was a few hours and $143.00 dollars later that we learned it is his prostate. He is on a antibiotic for the next ten days and then will follow up with our regular vet office. Prays and positive energy would be greatly appreciated!

It seems like I have so much going on right now! First of all we never did make it to Gig Harbor. Dan ended up having to go in for a briefing Saturday morning and so that day was pretty much shot. Then on Sunday we became really involved in cleaning and yard work. I suppose that was actually a good thing because we ended up weeding, laying weed barrier and mulching the rose garden in the back yard.

We also spoke with the new owner of the house next door. The same one who tore our retaining wall down last April while Dan was deployed and then made a half ass attempt to rebuild it. He has rented out the house next door was there fixing the front porch because it seems the people renting were complaing about it. Anyway, after everything they didn't (tearing down our wall, killing my plants, and stealing my tree) it seems he has run out of money now! What does that mean? That means everything he put me through was for nothing! He doesn't have the money to continue with the building of the 6 new homes beside us so he is planning the sell everything. The empty lot that he cleared and cut down ALL the trees to make room for more homes and the house next door that he only bought to be able to widen the sewage line to service the new homes. Karma can be a funny (or not so funny) thing.

I would also like to point out that The Pagan Sojourn has something very intresting going on right now and everyone should check it out!

The photo used in this post was taken by my dear friend Raul and more of his amazing photograpy can be seen here.


  1. Anonymous7:31 PM

    I'm sorry you missed the faire..I hope the pup is better now, he is cute.Love the photo

  2. I, too, am sorry to hear about your pup. Hopefully the medication will work fast.

    All 3 of your boys are adorably hilarious :)

    Sorry you didn't get to the Faire. Will it be around for a while?

    The retaining wall incident sounds horrid. It is good to hear that Karma is biting him back. Hopefully the new houses that go in will not disturb you.

    Give pup a hug!

  3. Thank you Autumn...he does seem to be doing much better with the meds he has been taking. So I do think he is going to be just fine.

    Penguin we are going to try again this week but we still have so much to do with company coming next week. Thank you for thinking about my little guy when you also have one who is having such a hard time!

  4. Poor doggy! I know those guys are like your kids...hang in there. I'm sending good vibes for his speedy recovery.