Sunday, December 31, 2006

The Hollow Tree

You are walking down a path through the forest. Your guardian spirit walks beside you. You feel safe and loved. Ferns and hostas dot the edges amongst rough hewn stones and lichen covered fallen branches. The moon peeks through the overgrowth of the moss strewn trees, the stars wink mischievously amidst the few gaps in the cloudy sky. The air is moist and the wind starts to pick up. The rain is gentle at first but quickly turns torrential as you spy a large hollow in a immense oak tree before you. Stepping inside you find yourself at the beginning of a tunnel. In the distance you see luminous yellow eyes glowing. You and your guardian spirit begin to bristle up as in your head you hear the words, "Do not be afraid, I am here to guide you.", as a silver gray wolf steps from the shadows.

As you follow the wolf into the tunnel your eyes begin to adjust to the darkness and you notice there are scenes carved into the walls. You see yourself in your mothers arms safe and secure as she rocks to and fro. You see yourself playing in the yard, jumping rope, playing freeze tag, and hide and seek. There are many happy memories depicted on the walls around you. You see the first time you fell off of your bicycle and scraped your elbow, the first time you were punished, your first heartbreak. The wall of memories send your emotions whirling, chaotically. Your guardian spirit snuggles up closer to comfort you.Suddenly you arrive in a vast room. There are three women at different stages of their lives and a man in his prime, sitting inside a circle. At the center of the circle is a large raging bonfire. The wolf stops at the entrance, "I will be here when your journey is complete." Your guardian spirit waits with the wolf at the tunnels edge.As you step forward the youngest of the three women steps forward to greet you. Looking into her eyes you see yourself as you once were, innocent, open, a child. Her heart is filled with wonder and hope. She hugs you tightly and you remember all that once was. She tells you that it is okay, you are safe, your past is just that, the past. As she relinquishes her hold you feel release inside as well. She smiles and your heart brims with wonder and hope.She who steps forward next is you as you are now. There is desperation and concern in her face. As she holds you to her bosom you see the obstacles that currently stand in your path and the repeated mistakes. As she steps back and smilesyou understand that the answers for yourself are inside yourself. You must make internal changes in order for there to be external changes. You feel the burden lifted from your shoulders and capable to achieve your goals.The future you steps forward and gently smiles as she embraces you. You see many possibilities stand before you. The road while not easy, is paved with great rewards if you choose to take it. There will be many distractions and pitfalls as well. There is an easier road apparent but it holds only emptiness. Knowing that all things are possible, no dream unreachable, you feel ready to meet life head on as you are released.The man steps forward and smiles as he too embraces you. You see that there are both masculine and feminine aspects to yourself that you had not acknowledged before.

You hear his words in your head, "The wisdom and strengths are with you already. They are yours to draw from and will aid you in all of your endeavors." As he takes his place back at the circle you feel power and wisdom envelope you.You realize that you are not outside the circle but at the center of it where before there was a raging fire.

You now know that each aspect of yourself has always been within you. They have born witness to all that you have been and all that you have done. You understand that by looking within you will find the strength, wisdom, and support that you need to learn, grow, and live. You feel centered, and in touch with yourself. All the stored negative energies and traits are gone. All the stored pain and resentment also are gone. You are filled with love and light. By releasing the past you can now live in the moment and can now plan for the future with clarity and wisdom.You have emptied yourself of all your negative ideas and thoughts and have also rid yourself of those preconceived notions about things and some of the ideas that were conditioned in you as a child. Now you can start all over again.Turning back to the tunnel you see your guardian spirit and your guide await you. You take a quick glance back and see the reflection of the old you with all her fears and sorrows dissipate into a brilliant white light that fills the room and floods your heart with hope and joy.

The light spills into the tunnel and lights your way as you, the spirit wolf, and your guardian spirit journey back to the opening of the grand oak tree. Along the way you see where once your memories had been depicted on the walls, now there pictures of your ancestors. You know that just as the two spirits are with you now, the spirits of your ancestors too will always be with you.Stepping from the majestic oak you find that you are home once again, awake, renewed, and secure within yourself.

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  1. This was enchanting, enthralling, and mesmerizing. You took me to a place I never thought I could go.

    Wolves, as a familiar, do not speak to me. I do know they are protective and would not take my Falcon familiar.

    Thank you for the trip.