Friday, October 19, 2007


Powerless...yes that would be me! For the last 24 hours in the dark. This is the season of stormy weather here in Washington and unfortunately it has decided to start off with a bang this year. The last 72 hours have been windy, rainy and cold. The backyard looks like a good old East Coast hurricane came through it. Speaking of the East Coast...I heard thunder today that is good old East Coast thunder for the very first time since we moved to Washington.

The boys and I basically camped out in the bedroom with the oil lamp (that I bought since the last time we spent three days without power) books, the police scanner and hot chocolate made with the luke warm water from the sink. Can someone please tell me why the only time there are weather issues (hurricanes on the East Coast and Snow or power outages on the West Coast) are when Dan is DEPLOYED???

I am thankful that all the trees in the backyard decided to stay rooted. I admit I was worried there for a while. Since the power was out it was quiet (yeah that creepy quiet) and all I could hear were the trees bending and twisting in torment from the "upta" 60 mph winds.

The fence is another story though! There is one section that isn't looking all that great but it hasn't actually fallen over yet either. Hope it hangs in at least until Dan get home or David (his brother) get here from the East Coast.

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