Saturday, October 27, 2007

we miss them

I would first like to say that all those in CA touched by the fires are in my thoughts and prayers! I have family there but they are not close to any of the areas.

This week has been overwhelming to say the least. Being an ombudsman and having to give families news that they don't want to hear is the less glamorous side of the job. Oh wait there is no glamorous side is there? Well it just isn't any fun and it does win you any popularity.
Ever hear the saying 'don't shoot the messenger"?

I miss my spouse, my best friend, my lover and the person who tells me "it is all going to be OK" when it seems like it never will. And... so does every other military spouse in the world. No matter where we come from or where we are going (because we are always coming and going) it is the one thread that ties us all together. No matter the branch, rate/rank, first deployment or fifteenth deployment, newlywed or 20 simply miss the one you love.
Of course we smile when we want to cry, take care of our homes when we want to sleep in, hug our children when we need one our self (of the canine sort in my case), work when we feel like quitting and pay our bills but still we miss them.

I won't debate that there are families out there that deal with much more that I could even imagine. My husband is not an IA and I would never compare myself (as I have hear others do) to "being in the same situation" or "at least they have phone calls and email". I am not foolish enough to think it is the same. I am not foolish enough to think it is even close to being the same. I know IA spouses and I know what life for them is like. We haven't spoken to them or hear from them in months but still it isn't the same. What is the same...I miss him.


  1. I admit, I needed to google both ombudsman and IA.
    You're right, we're all in similiar situations, but certainly not the same. We all miss our other halves...and in that we can relate.

  2. Thank you for checking out my blog and I hope my most recent post helped out!