Sunday, October 14, 2007

When is "enough" really enough?

I actually never knew that dogs can suffer from glaucoma. This came as news to me when I learned that one of the families in our Command has a little JR that is currently suffering with this. I say suffering and I mean it literally. They have had to remove one eye and perform surgery on the other.

Hearing the story and ordeal that this little dog has gone through it made me think about something. Just where should a reasonable pet owner draw the line? I mean I am the first to say that my pets are my "children' and as any mother there is nothing I wouldn't do to ensure they are happy, healthy, free of pain and out of danger. Even with that in mind I can't help but think of the things people will do and the extremes we are willing to go to to keep them around. I guess I just wonder if they would consent given the opportunity.

With that being said I took two of my boys Winnie and Amos both to the vet yesterday for nail clips or as we refer to them around it mani/pedi day! So while their I ask about the whole glaucoma deal and learned that there is actually a test they can perform in high risk dogs or in my case at the owners request. I was asking because Tuesday Bentley goes in for his annual exam. I wanted to know if this was something that is recommend after a certain age or what might prompt someone to want to have this test done. What that is other than hearing a story and freaking out (like I tend to do) because you "think" your pet might have a problem.

They were nice enough to answer my questions and add a note to my file that I would like to discuss this more with the Vet on Tuesday. So more to come on this!

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