Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sweet Treats and Uncle Sam

Like I said before I way, way behind on getting things up on my blog. My goal is to get caught up by my birthday. We'll see....

Anyway, I did another swap with my friend Diane and I am so mad at myself because I forgot to take pictures of everything. But she sent me awesome stuff like she always does. There are a couple of things I want to post. The first is so cool. We love 4th of July around here and so this was really awesome. She made this Uncle Sam for me out of a candle stick. Crafy lady that she is! Isn't he cute?? I think he is adorable you could really make these for just about any holiday.

But that isn't all! She also sent me the Sweet Treats Cartridge that I have been wanting from the moment I saw it! Of course I have already opened it up and palyed with it and now I love it even more! Thank you Diane!

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