Saturday, September 25, 2010

Halloween Coffin

In case you didn't know Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I am not sure why but it has been since I was kids. Maybe the candy, the costumes who knows but I love it!

I found these cute little coffins at M's. They come bare wood and you can paint them or cover them with paper. Anything you want really! I painted this one with normal acrylic paint on the inside and the outside and then just dressed it up a little with some stamps, ribbon and 3-d stickers. The Do Not Enter on the front I cut from Mini Monsters. I just got this cart and I love it but I haven't used it much yet! Super cute and easy. I think kids would have a great time making these!


  1. Super cute!!! Love it!!

  2. Pamela I love it! Thanks for the wonderful comments on my blog. OF COURSE I will get you some cuts, whatever you want. That stinks on your entry I am so sorry hon! HUGS!

  3. What a fun project!

  4. OMG!!!! these are sooooooooooooooooo cute! I love them--and that you covered them!
    I have the cart too and haven't used it much either, but you did a very good job with it!
    GREAT job girl!

  5. Great job on your coffin. I saw those and thought about picking up some - especially the ones that had the spooky sound buttons - and now that I see your altering of one I wish I had.....