Sunday, October 03, 2010

Pumpkin Ghost House

Is this guy super cute or what? I found this along with the coffin at M's and YES ok I am pretty sure this is a kids craft. It was unfinished wood like the coffin also. He was just so cute I couldn't pass it up. So all I did was paint it. It was a little tricky to get inside but I was lucky and have some really long skinny paint brushes. The ghost is a little stuffed guy and he just tucks down into the chimney. I am not sure what you do with him though. I am pretty sure he is just decor. Well at least that is what he is now. lol


  1. I saw these at M's yesterday! Love what you did with it! Super cute!


  2. Great job! I love it!

  3. Yes it is super cute, great job!! ~ and aren't we all kids at heart ;) TFS!