Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine Bag Topper

We are finally all settled in after the move. We have been busy making new friends and finding new playmates. I am happy to say that we have meet a wonderful new group of mommies and little ones, we have been spending some time with them. I have also been busy making things! I have a bunch of stuff done that I need to post. Just need to find time to take pictures.

Our first playdate had a Valentine theme. How sweet! Isadora had a great time playing and exchanging Valentine goodies with all the other kids.
We made these super cute goodie bags for her to give out to the other kids. They were quick and easy and a huge hit at the party. I used the cricut, a couple cartridges, the cuttle bug heart folder. Then added some stickles and stamped them. I had 15 of these done in no time.
Full of Valentine goodies!!!!!
We also made yummy cupcakes for the party. I had a good time watching my 2 at home taste testers try these about before the party. They were a huge hit with both of them .

These are the little bookmarks Isadora "helped" me put together for the goodie bags. She didn't really have a hard time because these were peel and stick. So other than me having to help her line things up she did a really good job.


  1. Awwww so adorable!!! These are awesome and it looks like yall had a load of fun making them! Gosh how I wish mine were that age again. I wasn't into the 'craft' thing when they were younger so I missed out on all these fun things! Make the most of it with Isadora while you have the time and she lets you!!!

    Thanks for joining us at Craft Us Crazy and hope to see you joining us again!

  2. How SWEET!!! I LOVE those sweet bookmarks!!! Thanks for sharing with us at Craft Us Crazy!

  3. Wow - that´s cute!!! All that candy - Yummi!!!

  4. UMM Knock knock
    remember me!!!??? LOL!!

    MY baby has grown ((crying)) her hail is long sniff sniff! I need a picture woman!!!!

    Those projects look so cute and ummm i didn't get my cupcake in the mail!!
    So when is the next baby coming along??? Hope all is well stranger lol!((HUGS))Ruby♥

  5. Too cute and those cupcakes look YUMMY!

    Thank you for joining us over at CRAFT US CRAZY.